goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

acchi gori comments page

Tik hai… Write sirf nice & cozy cheez here na? Put the crappy stuff on the buri gori comments page (at ur own risk!) Shukriya bhaiya! πŸ˜€

Update : If you’re trying to post comments, but you don’t see them here after 72 hours max, please keep re-posting until they appear!Β  Unless someone smarter than 3 desi IT ppl, ek Smoothwall firewall aur secure email plus blog site admin is around & wants to help gori catch the hack3r/stalker (for free) lol πŸ˜› we’re gonna have to find a work-around here.

Garam desi salon meet, anyone? As in, in person? πŸ˜‰ Maybe at some swank but heavily equipped with Mac computers aur ek no-host bar private party meeting spot dtown SF? Where you can all see gori up close & personal na?Β  gori’s still working on it! <– aka gori’s dost’s new space (as per this description) hasn’t opened yet! Hopefully soon! πŸ˜€ Meantime, please continue to post comments!



  goriji wrote @

Namaste mehri bhaiya- are these comments working? Are u all really shy lol, or did the MIM nuke them? What is the MIM you ask? That’s gori’s new name for the ‘Mentally Ill Midget’ ex-sanam that sta1ks gori 😦 ..so I don’t have to keep writing ‘hack3r’ or cheez like that over & over lol.. now don’t be shy.. The CL email will just get deleted by the MIM before it reaches me so post here just to say ‘hi’ or kuch bhi na?… gori wants to come back to a whole PAGE full of stuff tik? πŸ˜€ NICE stuff grrr… lol πŸ˜›

  Raj wrote @

Hey gori!

I hope you’ll find this comment and that they are working. I hear many people are reading your blog- that’s great!
Best of luck to you,


Shukriya ji! πŸ™‚ How’s school? I hope you’re doing great & getting straight ‘A’s lol πŸ˜›

Note to all u looky-loos: see, gori doesn’t bite na? As long as you are respectful πŸ˜€

  raju wrote @

You put lot of effort into making that costume, it’s pretty good (but no bindi????). Good luck finding your LKS.

Yey an actual cozy, non-mean comment! πŸ˜€ YEY!

Well anyhow, ha ji no bindi because I didn’t actually finish putting the whole thing on lol.. it was getting late n’all.. I had this sort of complicated wedding bindi + stick on rhinestones thing planned, for both gori’s forehead & hands/nails (no time to do mehndi lol).. problem is, u can’t actually walk in the costume, it doesn’t fit in a car while I’m wearing it, so… it’s like all these different layers (I have to wear these suspenders under the choli that attach to the lotus to hold it up lol, then pin the pallu to my shoulder once I jump into the lotus part, which also contains the bottom of her hair, Lakshmi’s other arms & ‘legs’ with the rest of the sari- u can’t tell this from the stupid crappy vid I made though lol) ..I can’t wear the helmet/headdress/crown/kuch bhi in a car either- too tall.. it’s a big mess, logistically speaking πŸ˜› Next time gori needs Sri LKS to come with her, dressed as Krishna.. to help her out lol πŸ˜›

Lekin hey- shukriya! A comment! a nice, un-hacked comment! Wow shukriya bahut ji! πŸ˜€ Made gori’s night πŸ˜‰

  rod singh wrote @


uh.. ‘bholi se surat.. akon me masti… ayeh ayeh…’ kya ji?

Hey it’s a comment, it came through.. sort of a good thing na?

Best to bookmark abi jis.. yeh MIM came back from snowboarding (on dirt lol) & is on the loose.. gori’s CL posts are being hacked (uh ‘flagged’ before hitting the index, or mysteriously not being indexed at all, despite having a posting # & page).. so I suggest u all start keeping track of mehri blog some other way na? just in case! laters!

  shainumoronulloo wrote @

OMFG ROFLMAO… before u read below, just read his *4* hostile/insane comments from the same day 2 mos ago (where he told gori she’s ugly/’oriental’ depending on whether he could distinguish that I was wearing a Hallowe’en costume or not).. there’s something called ‘baiting’ Amrika mein Shainuchod na? These are to be found on gori’s buri comments page na? This type of behavior is why u peeps are so infamous for your abuse of women. BTW a resource if you are an abused biwi or other South Asian women in the SF Bay Area is: Narika.org. If you come across Shainu, u’ll be sure to need it na? 😦

the additional pics you posted are actually very hot, you garam sweet gori. Also, enjoyed going thru your posts (‘my water nurtures ladka’s wood’ hahaaaa) and finally your vid was very informative. ahh one thing though does your tall dark handsome have to be a southie?

BTW short answer: pay for gori’s $38K tricked-out 2008S Mini Cooper na? in cash monies & I’ll think about it tik? Otherwise you gotta be Sri LKS na? <– take the quiz here! πŸ˜€ to qualify. Qualifications include: kindness, compassion, intelligence, sweetness, HONESTY(!!!) aur loyalty/fidelity. Being garam, lumba, accha bed mein aur crorepati doesn’t hurt. Sorry Shainu, ur like the dunce of my blog (again, see his comments above on yeh buri page if you don’t know what gori’s talking about)- you FAIL chodwala! sigh 😦

  Blue Skies wrote @

Wow, I’m utterly thrilled to see this comment go through, especially on a day when I’m spending the entire afternoon trying to fax my carshare ppl (Zipcar, so gori can drive Minis! yey!) info to fix a bogus charge on my account so I can go get groceries (account is blocked over fake charge- looks to be shukriya yey M1M like usual)- this is after gori finds out on the 15th(!) that her rent didn’t go through because (surprise!) someone (ahem) broke into the bank account & stopped the auto-deposit somehow. Great… just great 😦 In other words, a huge surprise that this comment made it at all πŸ˜› See below for comment, after gori finishes talking a ton like usual πŸ˜›

Anyhow, first, I want to totally encourage peeps to send me tons of this type of ‘matchmaking’ info Any willing Sri LKSes ur aware of.. I will normally block out the personal references (hope it’s ok in this case to leave it in, to illustrate a point, if not let me know (in person preferably) πŸ˜‰ because basically in general, I don’t want anyone else to have hacking issues like I do 😦 FYI everyone: if you don’t see the comment appear within 48 hours, just keep resubmitting. Many many comments are disappearing, anything I see (for better or worse) is posted as soon as I see it.. (also there is some punctuation issue here lol.. periods (full stops) are disappearing lol! weird..)

Second, please just come hang out at the cafe meets! πŸ˜€ Everyone is circling, circling, circling… expecting gori to bite them! lol.. Voh ladkay r gonna be bahut dhukh when gori runs off with the first garam individual, kamray mein πŸ˜› lol.. never to be heard from again…. tee hee… lekin also, I really am cool with making friends! Gori’s barely gotten to know any desi ladkis (if u except mehri best dost in junior high/high school, in retrospect I think she was Tamilian, not sure though.. lol).. desi ladkiyan are usually too busy giving me the ‘who do you think u are?’ up & down look (BTW FYI to any extra-attitude desi chicks, of the ultra-femme sort: to Amrikans, the same look means ‘I think ur garam & want to sleep w/u’.. u can imagine gori’s confusion the first time this happened- a whole bunch of them giving ‘the look’ to gori in unison in the line for the ladies’ room @ the Castro Theatre at some SRK Bolly filim no less!) roflmao! πŸ˜› BTW were u the ladki with the sort of pumpkin orange sweater sitting at a table nearby Fri 4/18? Just wondering & hey.. I haven’t ruled out desi GFs tik? πŸ˜‰ Just FYI.. though I tend to like ‘femmes’ (of all colors/BGs) alot… which usually leads to much heartbreak as many are avowedly het… whomever is queer & sees this can hopefully follow that lol…

So to illustrate a point using ur dost (BTW please tell him to come by na?!) tik hai, first, he is ok kala, phir much darker kala is even better for gori As in, I sort of consider him to be in the medium range lol! Notice his dost Amit’s thumbnail (how that ladka’s face looks in the small pic on the profile)? That’s what gori means by kala na? πŸ˜€ Ek cheez though: I usually (somewhat hilariously) end up meeting all these IT geeks n stuff like that. It’s great if the person looks interesting/unusual etc.. (like gori).. lekin I’m not really expecting that from them (after seeing what gori still thinks was ek desi with a Mohawk lol! lurking at the first cafe meet) I realize ppl may think u have to be freaky to hang with me- totally NOT the case.. I’m usually found with all range of sexy/garam but boring ladkay to total dweebs lol πŸ˜› Also, this ladka seems to love sports (fine, but desis who are like ‘biwi has to love sports too’ = nahin lol)… also I hate Burning Ulloo (no offense to anyone lol).. aur I so completely don’t hang with goras… especially Euro (or any, really) goray/goron.. lol. So ek other point is, as the ABCD/coconut scale goes up, gori interest goes down. Of course, I’m making guesses based on photos, which doesn’t say much. Despite saying all of this, of course I’d love to meet this person! Sub desis As I said, email (aur even phone) is basically impossible for me right now.. so please do aiyenge to the meets! Busy or not na? lol πŸ˜‰

Hey Gori,

Been a follower of your interesting videos and blog for a while now. I think you are very brave and adventurous to do what you are doing. I have seen you at your cafe meet location, but didn’t stop to chat ‘cos I am no Sri LKS-being female and all… and also was in a hurry that day.

Anyhow, I wanted to send you a link to someone who could be candidate for your Sri LKS- he is a Southie, in the software industry-thus being wealthy-and lives in the city. Also, he has quite the reputation of being the ‘different’ type of immigrant Desi; open-minded and all-so he might just be familiar with Wicca and different sexual orientations. Also, the last I saw him, he wore rectangular specs!
Check him out on Friendster-http://profiles.friendster.com/calivirgo; and good luck!

I’m curious to know how long Ganesh (tehra dost) has been US mein.. that changes what I said about the photos above alot bhi.. love the ‘in the software industry- thus being wealthy’ tee hee πŸ˜› Compared to gori, this is entirely accurate! Shukriya again bahenji Hope to see u at the cafe.. u can clue me in more on ur dost there na? Keep the matrimonials.. er ‘profiles’ coming na yaars? πŸ˜€

PS I didn’t respond to this via email FYI tik? Sometimes yeh M1M writes weird/nasty stuff pretending to be me.. so ppl submitting this type of info may want to use a fake/non-existent/otherwise spam email addy for now. Or just come in person to give gori links to profiles tik? Cools! πŸ™‚

So how do you REALLY feel yaar? ;)

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