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Merry Xmas jis! Happy SRK na? :)

Tik er… Merry Xmas aur khushi (not really) bday to gori na? I noticed lotsa peeps checking out the moti gori Santa vid from last year na? That is, once I finally got online aaj, after being hacked for 3 days 😦 (psst the super-secret pword is the last name of the PM 😉 -be sure to capitalize the first letter na?) The link is above (yeh ‘sexy secret gori Santa page’ na?) now that gori changed the blog to yeh cozy winter theme.. bahut bariya choochiyan to be found there tik? Lekin be sure to read below once ur done 😉 BTW snowflakes courtesy of WordPress.. they melt after Jan 4th, apparently… so meantime gori’s Xmas = sux hard 😦 no pun intended lol.. It’s mehri bday today (Xmas day) na? & well, u know if I have time to blog, that cheez isn’t that great na? 😦

Still, to cheer things a little, here are the SRK interviews I refer to in yeh video (see below for highly pertinent SRK Islam quotes as accurately, painstakingly transcribed by gori)- SRK ended up being the ideal ‘moderate Muslim’ I was lamenting about in mehri Bombay blasts videos & has encapsulated very articulately basically all of the important points I was thinking/feeling about the situation, lekin of course it means much more coming from SRK than gori lol…Some bahut cozy/accha person posted SRK’s interview on YouTube in teen parts, here:

I dedicate these videos to Mohammed Bedda, bhai ka garam Arab yaar Soufiane… ‘Momo’ is ek bara SRK fan bhi (remember? yeh yaar who yelled at gori public mein for like an hour about how Sharia law should be imposed San Francisco mein so gori could be killed for choding gAy- garam Arab yaar, ussa bhai na?) Is that how you use the word ‘ussa’ ‘usne’? kuch bhi.. lol 😛 Much of what SRK says applies directly to the hypocritical/lame-gaand situation with bhai ka garam Arab yaar.. since SRK is also important to him, I’ll let Shah Rukh make a very pertinent rebuttal to yeh Mohammed bhai, since his words will get much more respect, being a Muslim male n all.. everything below is both very apt in terms of the Mumbai terrorism blasts of last month, as well as being a direct answer to the utter BS you spout about your own religion, Mohammed, vis a vis earlier arguments we had. I hope you see this & at least give Shah Rukh a little respect for saying everything gori has tried to say to you, while I’m apparently ek rundi/kam-slave sirf.. (check the bottom of this post for more on the sucha kam goonday situation.. sigh)

Some wonderfully specific quotes from gori’s transcript of voh teen Shah Rukh videos (some clarification added in italics for any non-desi peeps who may read this- or clueless 2nd gen’ers lol):

SRK: ‘I like to believe I’m an educated, liberal Muslim, who has a Hindu wife and two kids.. the more I’m seeing these kind of things over the years, the more it makes me realize… the vulnerability of life, of course, which we all understand… I think it unites us, tragedy has a strange sense of uniting people.. I get very scared now.. and it could happen to anyone. You know, the whole reality is… it’s not bound by areas, or castes, or creeds, or colors.. it could happen to anyone.’
‘If you can take away any positive from this tragedy, and have some kind of peace in your heart, to be able to look at that- I think the very thing that the terrorists tried to destroy, which is unity, secularism, the economy, and.. just the dignity of the country, I think for the first time we have all come to realize that very thing is actually got (has been) strengthened. The unity has got (sic) strengthened… and I cannot say I’m glad, but I can 100% say, that if you can take away anything positive, that is the biggest positive. They have now given us the biggest weapon against them, and we need to utilize it in the best way possible.. which is unity, across classes, across religions..’
‘You know- can I clarify- I’ve read the Qu’ran, the Holy Qu’ran, and I’m a believer of Islam, because that’s how I am born.. I’ll give you a few verses of Qu’ran, which you need to understand… there is ‘Sura pulse suray moida’ which is a verse from Qu’ran, which very clearly states that if you heal one man, you heal the whole mankind- this is what God says- and if you hurt one man, you hurt the whole mankind. There is *no where* in Qu’ran- see, we believe, Qu’ran is the word of Allah- so there are believers in that book, in that holy book, and I’m very clear if you’re following Allah’s Qu’ran, if you’re following Allah’s Islam, *no where* does it say that you are going to get jennat (salvation, go to heaven) by jihad (holy war aka ‘terrorism’), *no where* does it say that you can kill women- as a matter of fact it says *in a war*, you cannot kill a woman, you cannot kill a child, you cannot kill an animal, and you cannot destroy crops. Very clear: jihad was supposed to be something that was to be propagated by the Prophet himself.’
‘There is an Islam from Allah which is in our holy book, there is an Islam- and very unfortunate, I’m not being ‘auntie’- but there is an Islam from the mullahs. And I appeal to all of them: *please* give the right reading of the Qu’ran to the young people- I do it to (this for) my children- no where in the Qu’ran, which we consider is the word of Allah- does it say that you are going to be given jennat if you kill harmless, innocent people, *no where*.’
(Rajdeep Sardesai from CNN IBN): ‘So they’re distorting religion..’
SRK: ‘Absolutely, see, this has happened for the last 100 years at most, or 120 years Raj, it’s not something (from) a thousand five-hundred years ago.. See I’ll explain it to you- jihad was actually to be called upon by the Prophet himself. And jihad also has a very simple logic- if you go by what is written- that there is debates.(sic) There has to be understanding- either you convince me of your viewpoint or I convince you of mine. And then also if we don’t understand (agree), we’ll go our separate ways. *No way* does jihad say- very very clearly, let me be very honest about it, I’ve read it now, I’ve read it many times over the last 2-3 years- it doesn’t say that you can go into *anybody else’s* territory, you know jihad says that if somebody comes into *your* territory, then you can protect yourself.’
(Rajdeep): ‘..does it then really trouble you.. “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslim”- these are the kinds of SMSes that have done the rounds at times in.. upper middle class societies..’
SRK: ‘See, I cannot deny it anymore, you know two years’ back, I used to get very disturbed when the Americans said that all the terrorists are Muslim, I would say ‘no that’s not true’. But now I can’t deny it, because 95, 99% of the people who get caught, or who are shot, are claimed to be Muslims…’
‘I think both hardliners- Hindus & Muslims- I think there should be a law in this country: that *no* political party’s agenda can be communal (based on religious separatism). And be it the biggest party, be it the smallest party- *no* organization which is going to mis-read any of the books, whether it is Qu’ran or (Bhagavad) Gita, should be allowed. There should be a hard-line treatment to the hardliners, one. Secondly, I also like to believe at this point of time, that some of us are born Muslim, so some of these guys who got completely mislead- or women also- they are by birth Muslim, but I don’t think that by teaching (they are), Muslim. They’ve been just born that way. The teachings of Islam are as wonderful, as good, as the teaching of Gita. Or of the Bible- they’re all the same. And I think the youngsters (younger generation) understand this much better today, and that’s why I have huge hope in them.’
(on initial emotional reactions of the people of India saying ‘bomb Pakistan’)
SRK: ‘..but I have a huge amount of faith in the goodness of Indians…I think they will understand.. see what I’m sensing- I’m not saying dishonesty- but what I’m sensing is that everybody’s trying to protect (themselves)… ‘Ok let’s not say it happened in Pakistan’ (that the terrorists originated there).. and you can’t completely deny it.. they’re living in denial, and of course, some of us also reacting and saying ‘let’s just bomb Pakistan’- no. I think like I said, the first tenet of jihad, if I was to tell you just as a Muslim, is debate. Let’s sit down, and *accept* the truth. See accepting the truth actually makes the problem vanish. Let’s accept the truth: uh-oh, these guys are being trained there- we’re not claiming the government is doing it, but we’re saying they’re being trained- can the government (of Pakistan) *do* something about it? Yes we can-let’s take outside help, let’s come, and try and finish them off in the best way possible.’
(Rajdeep): ‘Shah Rukh, would you be willing to debate with a fanatic?…be it a Muslim or Hindu fanatic? Are you willing to have that debate?’
SRK: ‘Can I just tell you one thing? I think fanatics have no ground to stand on. It’s very easy to debate with a fanatic. Because I think they’re misinformed.. Any normal, educated, well brought-up Indian or Pakistani can debate with a fanatic from either side, and win the debate very clearly… because I’m again & again saying, if you’re following Allah’s word, if you’re following even Gita’s word, if you’re following the Biblical word, there is *no* tenet anywhere which states this.’
‘See, you & I don’t know what Heaven is going to be like. You & I genuinely don’t know what God is going to be like. But I can assure you of one thing that you & I both know very clearly: that by hurting someone who is innocent, there is *no* way, *no* God in this world is going to be good to you and take you to Heaven.’
‘I see an amazing amount of hope, and I attach it again and again to the youth… here are people who *can* do it, and *will* do it… we have to see it within ourselves, we do respect Gandhiji’s tenets… that yes, do not offer the other cheek. If a guy slaps you, and he says very clearly ‘I’m sorry’, it’s ok, accept it… I’m not saying ‘bomb XYZ’, but you need to take a little hard stance, because they have come to our house. You know, you can’t allow people to come to our houses, and destroy our families, you just cannot, you cannot allow that… There is zero tolerance for terror, and a lack of security, and I think we need to put up organizations in place, and say ‘listen, we will not tolerate this’. And right now I can sense that in the country.’
‘I can’t say we are fortunate, but I think we’re in the middle of an amazing historical event which is only going to make our country very very strong.. I can’t say I’m happy, but I’m at peace, that I’m part of this movement…’

Now that u’ve waded thru all that, be sure to check the latest bahut dhukh series on gAy aur bhai ka gAy aur their scary evil team of naisay gunday na? In case u were wondering how mehri Xmas was ruined (poor gori!) aur how cheez got to this sorry state of affairs 😦

(BTW jis.. as u can probably tell, gori’s having some choti formatting issues abi lol 😛 ..phir bhi u can still hover over the vids to watch thumbnails, or click to see the real cheez revver.com site mein na??) accha! 🙂

gori's truly evil goonday ka garam Arab yaar (pt ek)

gori’s truly evil goonday ka garam Arab yaar (pt do)

gori's truly evil goonday ka garam Arab yaar (pt teen)

gori’s truly evil goonday ka garam Arab yaar (pt char)

Mehri Chinese astrology isn’t looking good for 2009- gori is ek Ram (aka Sheep) with Pig/Boar influence in Bazi. Which essentially means this year may suck hard 😦 Oh noes!

Oh course u, the dedicated desi yaar hath ka.. er, reader aur goriji video viewer, will want to *give back* a tiny portion of that IT salary na? 😉 This time it’s not for a Mini Cooper lekin good old fashioned Amrikan merchandise, which can be had (coming soon!) goriji’s cafepress store mein 😉 <– link will be here as soon as it’s up & running! 🙂

So u can now have every sexy diwani kuch bhi cheez available, with ek gori logo na? Dog t-shirt? No problem.. baby t-shirt? got it.. maternity T-shirt.. even those.. how about gori bumperstickers, pins aur mugs? lol 😛 U know biwi’s not gonna be suspecting what ur doing on revver ka gori vids during lunch na? 😉 Who cares? U can always keep the thong.. er boxer shorts.. er metlab coffee mug at the office right? 😀

Meantime, did ya know that gori’s posted 300 vids & counting in 10+ madham sirf na? In case u were wondering why the blog’s sorta fallen behind lols… here’s the link to sub gori vids, with most recent showing first *or* u can click this link to scroll through the bar on the left to see them organized by playlist subject, so now u know!)

Tik back to mehri regularly scheduled moping, at least until New Yaar’s 😉 Mehri gori diyan cards say there’s some naya pyar cheez 4 gori ASAP.. let’s hope it’s mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar crorepati, I sure need it, considering gori’s economic situation! 😦


Khushi 2008! Uh.. zzz….

Bas. Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? na? sigh.. gori is getting sick of having to say that over & over & over…

So be sure (if u think u might be Sri LKS ki gori na?) to take yeh quiz (a direct link!) before Jan 31st.. since gori is having a difficult time keeping her posts on Craigslist (shukriya MIM, once again, sigh) aur well.. gori is bahut impatient na? (this is gori’s usual personality- when she wants something, she gets it, nahin ‘wait wait wait’.. phir like ill-fated Nike logo: ‘just do it’ na?) 🙂 So unless lots of u use yeh quiz, gori will quit paying for yeh service providing nice SECURE server for quiz 😀 <– (smiling at difficulty MIM has (so far) pwning it) end of month mein na? tik 😛

Anyhow, so please check out yeh gori dating Sri LKS quiz/questionnaire abi na? Good for ek laugh (at urself/other desis na? lol, if nothing else 😉

Meantime, gori’s seen a bunch of you (stats se) hunting around, still looking for those elusive (aur bahut sexy na?) gori secret Santa photos.. well, they aren’t so secret now, they’re on yeh gori photos page.. except (sorry) they are now PG-13 rated 😛 The trade-off for having no password required lol 😛 Plus, gori doesn’t want Sri LKS to think she’s ek p0rn star or something na? 😉 So you’ll have to content urselves with that..

There’s lots of reorganizing/improvements to existing pages (ha, samjhe Sri LKS sightings page hasn’t been updated since before Diwali na? sorry lol.. too many yummy desis, too little time lols..) but it’s gonna have to wait a little longer as gori is recovering from ek massive case of eye strain after evil, oft-referred to (aur nahin nearly so profitable as hoped) 2007 Xmas online retail nitemare na? sigh… Meantime, here is ek gori story tik?

I wasn’t gonna say this, much less blog front page mein because well, it’s sort of long (going to truncate) plus it really goes on the Sri LKS questionnaire page, lekin yeh page bahut long bhi hai lol :p so… to put it as briefly as possible- gori psychic hai na? (really! diyan hoon bhi, but that’s beside the point) 😛 ..well, gori unfortunately attracts many unwanted gora admirers when posting on CL, especially when she posts photo(s), which is necessary, else desis constantly assume gori desi ladki hai, aur don’t believe gori Amrikan goron hai na? So.. sort of caught with a problem there…

Anyhow, in short, yeh nice gora was talking to gori as result of yeh CL (craigslist tik?) post.. gori is suddenly getting bahut bahut ‘psychic impressions’ tik? So she tells yeh gora yaar what she is seeing (about his love life… pyar zindagi? lmao.. is there a way to say that? stupid question na, since desis aren’t traditionally allowed to have one 😛 so probably no equivalent expression lmao… j/k! um well maybe not lol..) 😉 Story (gori tries desperately to stay on subject = very difficult thing for gori to do na?)… story: gori’s vision for yeh yaar, gori suddenly understood, was also showing gori aspects of her own Sri LKS search she didn’t see before. Abi, after undoubtedly scaring off ‘yeh peacock’ (gori’s new naam for (gay?) Southie yaar gori chased up Market St then loudly explained in detail about encounter on Sri LKS sightings page), gori wants to keep her 2 subsequent, nearly equally meaningful recent ‘potentially really Sri LKS’ sightings to herself, or at least I’m gonna slip them into the new version of yeh Sri LKS sightings page in a way that is more subtle, hai na? Anyhow, I told u this story would get long tik..

Without further ado… gori understood from yeh vision for yeh gora (who confirmed he knows who yeh blondie ladki gori’s vision mein hai, plus he is eager to get involved with her etc.. so vision is apparently correct na? 😛 not that I’m gonna tell u what his vision was actually about na? client confidentiality n all that phir just to say: chup ke doubters, tik? :P) Anyhow.. if gori applies same idea yeh gora’s vision se to herself, basically it means the following:

Sri LKS must already know about gori (blog se or CL se or ??). Sri LKS is (metaphorically na? don’t be desi & take yeh cheez bahut literally na? symbolism hai!) standing ‘right behind’ gori, about to tap her shoulder mein na? (SYMBOLICALLY sirf na? Cause if gori really knew him (or he was really right behind gori), she’d turn around aur kiss him abi na? doi!) LEKIN.. something is holding him back na? Well, if gori’s vision for yeh gora yaar is any indicator (remember: gori worked for yrs as *professional* psychic hai na? in case u think I’m making this up lol).. anyhow, using yeh vision ka gora (um.. kuch bhi).. as an indicator, this would mean that suchna Sri LKS is possibly already involved (yeh gori vision for gora yaar se, gora would-be gori GF has ek ulloo ex-sanam hanging around, for example) anyhow, suchna Sri LKS might be currently involved with someone he is wanting to get rid of (or has recently gotten rid of- divorce kutti desi princess se or yucky ulloo other gori sanam break-up or ??).. anyhow, & this is supposedly part of what is slowing Sri LKS down/holding him back. Well this is nice revelation for gori, aur if yeh actual Sri LKS ever reads gori’s blog, she hopes that he will read yeh questionnaire page, especially the section where gori is talking about being bored, looking for stability aur gori ‘player’ hai nahin (gori player for keeps sirf na? lol)… cause that was all stuff he needed to know, vision se, bhi 😉

Aaj, here is some more stuff.. Abi DON’T TAKE THIS TOO LITERALLY! If u don’t drive ek kala Mercedes Kompressor, it doesn’t mean ur not Sri LKS tik? 😉 lol.. gori gets ‘impressions’ of stuff ALL the time.. much is symbolic, or sometimes downright incorrect. I may have said some/all of this elsewhere here (with eye strain lingering sort of hard to go back through yeh entire blog maghur).. here are some notes to potentially help (if this sounds like u, u’d better check out yeh questionnaire na? BTW be *sure* to fill out the whole cheez tik? Ha, it’s really long (on purpose).. plus, if u don’t give gori contact info there, u ain’t gonna be able to contact her otherwise, shukriya again M1M hack3r ulloo ugg.. (in case yeh sexy-sounding Fiji desi ‘Avulsion’ sees this, ur a great example of wasting both of our time- yeh hottie filled out whole questionnaire *except* put fake contact info.. this is useless na? U could have had ek garam GF by now ulloo! gori would still like to talk to u btw ‘avulsion’ ugg.. sigh).. back to subject:

do NOT take literally, these are just gori psychic impressions of cheez that MIGHT be descriptive of LKS na?

ek) Mercedes .. gori is really really sick of being followed around by these things.. metlab, every yuppie San Francisco mein has one (hell, gori’s parents drove them when she was in high school.. gori would make fun of gaadi ka baap 190e with automatic transmission.. gori is definitely stick shift 😉 😉 sort of ladki..tee hee hee.. ha I DO mean it like that lols) anyhow, gori can’t stop to explain yeh ongoing symbolism of all of this here (waay too long) but judging by appearance, let’s say if LKS drove yeh Merc, it would be yeh Kompressor that he must trade in every few yrs (u desis probably pyar leasing cars na? just like baap ka gori), cause gori thinks (judging by the insane number of yeh gari/gaadi/kuch bhi) following her around, that he would have had yeh lal (red), yeh chandra (silver) aur abi, yeh kala (black) Merc convertible or ‘Kompressor’-style model (each color in turn) over the last several years.

Other symbols:

d0)as I said, he may be divorced..

teen) he may have yeh beti (daughter, I’m subtitling some stuff English mein since he’s probably Southie & maybe therefore really can’t follow mehri Hindi na?) or else some other (tall for her age, thin) young girl (niece, much younger bahinji (sister), etc..) who’s important to him/he is close to, like family relation na?

char) plus of course he is Sri Lumba/Kala/Sundar (Mr Tall Dark Handsome na? lol) with long hair (or else it would look this way if he grew it out) that has waves/wigglyness (like flat back & forth curls), that he wears in ek ponytail…

che) btw gori had 2 sapnay about Sri LKS in recent months where he was wearing wire-rimmed gold glasses (like the smallish rectangular trendy ones)- never seen that detail otherwise. Interesting do dreams mein, sapna ek: Sri LKS was bahut tall aur bahut thin, like gori imagines, sapna do: Sri LKS was mota (stocky/chunky build) aur probably tall too, but riding a bike (??) Maybe these details ring a bell with someone? Maybe it means the person was heavier at one point & lost weight (by bicycling? -gori likes yeh mota ladkay BTW, since gori curvyji hai herself- especially if u can cook accha Hindustani khanna.. oops wrong word.. paan? kuch bhi: ‘food’) 🙂 phir in gori’s visions, he is always bahut bahut tall, aur bahut thin (though this isn’t really gori’s personal preference, u will probably get teased by gori for being too thin- like mataji se na? until u eat more.. off subject again lol)…

panch) anyhow, more significantly, gori thinks yeh yaar is possibly from yeh bahut rich family, dad crorepati hai (some type of big business yaar) aur Sri LKS is in charge of family business- at least some part of it. He now travels bahut for business, gori is sure of that (or he has in recent years).. despite the fact that this just sounds like some Bolly SRK filim character, gori has been told this by at least 3 other psychics.. weird na? 😛 ‘Crorepati’ to gori is IT ‘professional’ lol, she is not that picky 😛

sat) he may have grown up out of India (like Europe? ACBD nahin, definitely pardesi or multi-national person or something to this effect).. aur gori thinks he travels to SF sirf, doesn’t live here full-time (yet- just wait til he meets gori lol) 😛 Maybe he even stays at yeh nasty Four Seasons ‘residences’ Market St mein (next to oft-mentioned gori desi-watching cafe) bad feng shui ko/ka/ki (when will someone teach gori postpositions properly?) like gori’s psychic dost says.. who knows? 😛

at) sometimes gori is sure he has silver streaks baal mein (in his hair) on the sides na? Don’t forget he’s bahut kala 🙂 mmm… hella dark aur yummy 😀

Well, whoever u are, u’d better step forward. After gori got yeh diwani impressions for yeh CL gora she had talked to by email one day sirf, aur it seemed fairly accurate, then.. well, it just started bugging gori to think how long this is taking, lekin yeh ulloo is right here apparently na? Gori even thought one day (before vision for gora na?) that she saw him over her left shoulder, lekin when she turned, it was some totally different person passing by)- like ek ghost na? 😦

Like gori’s gay dostay say: ‘Come out, come out, wherever u are na?’ Tik I added the ‘na’ lmao 😛

no) almost forgot.. if tarot cards ka gori r any indication, probably yeh Sri LKS is having a bunch of ‘issues’ life mein abi (‘in his life right now’.. k Tamil/Teluguji yaar?) 😉 that r slowing him down phir bhi.. gori is B-O-R-E-D.. aur needs someone to keep her bed warm tik? 😀 Abi! Nahin Spring hai- aaj! lol 😛

so das) take yeh questionnaire, even if ur not him, u’ll help gori deal with yeh boring, tedious wait.. which is what this January seems to be about so far. I have faith in mehri tarot cards na? Something accha had better be on the way for gori.. seems like it at least.. also yeh Chinese year (rat na? yucky phir..) starting ek month mein is bahut bahut lucky romance year for gori tik? 😀

Supposedly if ur day star (nahin year, that’s the one most ppl know at least) is wood element Chinese astrology mein, u will also (for males) have ek great romance yr na? Gori is pig 😀 (bahut accha Chinese astrology mein) day star with water element 🙂 Also gori 9 fire hai, so I always thought ek 4 wood would be good for me.. since I also have water.. ladka’s wood nurtures gori’s fire (hopefully via unlimited Visa card na? tee hee j/k- fire = gori’s $$ star, just a little jokey joke na?) phir also gori’s water nutures ladka’s wood (lmao.. that part sounds pretty funny if u really think about it, but since this is a ‘family’ (at least English mein lmao) blog, we’ll leave it at that! 🙂

Tik hai.. gori’s still bored… bhi phir waiting! Jaldi karo Sri LKS! Chel chel chel chel chel chel chel chel!!! 😛 Chalo! sigh…

Mehri Xmas aur Happy New Yaar! :)

Xmas bahut busy time na? Gori right now is going to see how scary Ikea is today, 2 days before.. u guessed it- her BIRTHDAY na? 😀 U thought I was going to say something else, didn’t u? 😀

So without further ado..

please be sure to donate at least ek dollar to gori’s Mini Cooper 2008S fund.. & watch yeh Mini photo get colored in! Cool na? 😀

Donate to goriji’s Mini Cooper fund! :D

(click on yeh Mini to go to page.. gori’s Mini nahin lal however.. how boring na? yawn… gori’s is hella tricked out cozy Mini..)

Lekin hurry! Sirf 38000 desis needed to donate yeh dollar each to pay for entire Mini na? lmao 😛

On a more Xmasy theme, please to take gori questionnaire/dating gori quiz here:

yeh most important funny questionnaire ever made for Sri LKSes (or something like that na?- direct link)

gori paid good $$ for this na? besides, at the end u’ll get the code to get into this page:

Sexy gori Santa photos! yey 😀

U know u wanna see na? Sirf 2 days til Xmas! Jaldi karo! Chel chel chel chel! 😀

Meantime, although it’s been said.. bahut times, bahut ways… Merry Xmas! aur Happy New Yaar (for gori we hope! so take yeh quiz quick!) 😀

Off to Ikea! Be sure to wish gori ek Happy Bday on mehri acchi comments page!

Pyar mehri yaar! 🙂

gori search terms n stuff..

Merry online retail Xmas! Uhh.. guess gori is getting a little ahead of herself.. well, yeh goron holidays are approaching, gori is working like kutta na? 😛 Nahin kutti, kutta lol.. same thing to u peeps tho (on more than one level) na? Anyhow.. be forgiving that the blog will be fairly kludged together until New Year’s tik? Meantime, to keep ya busy until yeh upcoming sexy Santa gori photos, or (finally, but sorry, not yet) new garam yaar sightings etc.. we have instead: yeh silly/stupid random gori search terms na? Written in haste, magar more wit hai than ek CL heckler will speak in a lifetime (is that saying much though?) lols..

K pyar yaars.. will be back in between online Christmas auctions & composing spam.. er.. ‘marketing’ emails furiously n’ stuff like that.. BTW shuk as the hits are now at 4250+ in sirf 6 wks na? 😀 Gori is pleased.. humorously, over 1000 of these are to photos page na? lmao.. will work on giving u all something worth looking at ASAP.. metlab, hopefully before Xmas lol.. tee hee.. sleep well mehri sexies 🙂