goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

silly gori search terms :P

Tik soon after gori started yeh page, WordPress starting organizing search terms better na? However, turns out that if you don’t catch them each week, many disappear into the netherworld as time passes, since the charts for ek madham, ek year etc.. show less of them.. bahut technical na? πŸ˜›

So here we go.. in the process of updating… atm this is bahut old hits counted by hand mixed with August 2008 sirf.. more to come.. bahut pyar jis to some of the creative ways u find gori… bahut roflmaos πŸ™‚ lol…

Angrezi alphabetical order mein (more or less na?), with # of hits, with gori commentary in parentheses/italics πŸ˜› Lmao…

2007 filim do hits SRK filim reviews page yaha hai aaj btw.. obviously more to be added lol.. as much as u peeps dis ur own (& other, such as goray/Hollywood) filim, u sure do love to read yeh reviews na? What’s wrong, don’t want to waste 3+ hours ..including DST (Desi Standard Time) late start + intermission? lol..

agasthiyan thookanayakanpalayam need to tally # of hits let’s not forget: ‘chellappan’ na? Either he entered this himself (there are a number more hits to this entry, haven’t had time to add them up yet), else it was yeh M1M stalker/hacker. No one else can spell his name na? πŸ˜›

amrikan sexy do hits that’s me! Don’t u wanna shaadi ki gori na? gori ki shaadi? kuch bhi! πŸ˜›

asians+gori teen hits on the same day (hopefully by now u all realize that we Amrikans call u peeps ‘SOUTH Asians’ na? Nahin Asians hain? Because that means EAST Asia.. gori did have yeh Asian (in Amrikan sense, yeh desi ladkiyan are all too snotty to get busy with gori lol) gf once upon a time.. yeh chicky was/is still closeted though so.. sorry not gonna out her now (used to be best friend growing up.. how desi incesty is that? gori was young na? lol))

bang vido filim do hits can u say hath ka juggernaut? Gori thinks u can! πŸ˜›

bangali sexy filim ek hit oh.. maybe this is what the ‘bang vido’ yaar meant lmao.. best gori can do is ‘bahut boring bangali (sic) filim (sic)’ lols..

“beige witch project” teen hits (gori somehow feels yeh filimmaker typed this in.. intuition na? Gori such saphed diyan hai, na? = bahut funny filim naam from gori’s perspective.. lol..)

bisexual vids party ek hit roflamo… again, gori is entirely opposed to being seen as a plaything for some bahut dhukh, desperate forced marriage desi couple na? If I want to be biwi do (or ek, teen or char for that matter), I’ll shaadi garam Arab yaar, kuch bhi.. meantime, gori sochta hai u might be looking for yeh vid.. na? πŸ˜›

choochiya teen hits oui monsieur.. I have those, lekin gori usually spells it with the implied ‘n’ at the end lol πŸ™‚

cool desi bf ek hit (3 word summary of what gori wants na?) πŸ˜€

coolest desi do hits that would be yeh Sri Lumba Kala Sundar who shaadis yeh gori na? Kaha hai? πŸ˜›

daison teen hits I still miss u yaar! Please reappear cafe mein! Mehri zindagi mein bhi 😦 *sigh*

dating lumba love ek hit ha ji, mujhe lumba desis pyar bahut karti hoon… uh… nevermind gori’s hinglish lol..

deewangi tube ek hit methinks ur looking for this, na yaar?

desi bf unknown # of hits (someone was putting this in search daily to get to gori’s blog for awhile.. sooo… um.. too bad yey MIM seems to have eaten gori’s comments na? Would love to know who u are! lol)

desi butt squeezing ek hit froflmao.. in ur desperation for something new to excite lund as u choke him multiple times daily, u feel compelled to think of more & more kinky potential, lekin somewhat imaginary, video images… tik hai!

desi cheeze ek hit (lmao… um well gori like to spell it ‘cheez’ lekin kuch bhi.. whatever) πŸ˜‰

DESI DOST do hits (those are nice to have bhi) πŸ˜€

desi fat mal ek hit (char words: chup ke chut hai na? tik, that was 5 phir.. yeah u think ur so funny na? remember this: ek, gori is ‘outsider’ according to most of ur tired gaanday na? so nahin desi na? do: gori diyan hoon na? buri nizer on unwilling victims = my speciality. I randomly pick the most obnoxious ones & fry their sorry *sses.. so beware.. te voy acer acuiso.. oops wrong language.. lo siento lol :P)

desi garam,com ek hit (not a typo, sadly.. is there a site called this? gori wants to see it! lol)

desi gay boyz ek hit (definitely a fave.. pls to add more queer references na? pyar yeh other queer peeps na?) πŸ˜‰

desi gay kahaniya ek hit hmm… will this do? πŸ˜€

desi gori char hits (you have encapsulated in two words the entire aim of this blog!) πŸ˜€

desi ladki photo teen hits um… well, u were close! πŸ˜‰

desi nasty ek hit (hmmm.. I wish I was doing the nasty with ek desi na? Otherwise see desi rundi below.. hmmph)

desi pyar and hugs in bed youtube thankfully, sirf ek hit (how to say nicely? Yaar, looking for j/o material? Can’t quite remember ek naam for the video u saw last time? too busy becoming one with the Universe Shiva-style πŸ˜‰ to notice the name at the time? WTF? gori doesn’t have anything on YouTube right now na? lol.. go elsewhere to hath ka.. etc.. ji)

desi rundi do hits (gori has to take massive exception to this one :/ Ur asking to have buri nizer put on ur ghudah gaand na? Did u tell them at home na? Except hmm.. on second thought.. seeing as gori is ‘outsider’, nahin actual ‘desi’ na.. as I said.. hmmm.. must be looking for someone else na? tee hee- at least for ur sake, gori hopes so lols..)

desi short skirt ek hit (there are a number of these which could refer to gori except.. gori outsider as I said, hai na? According to all of u (hypocrites) lol at least.. then again, do or teen desis have said ‘you ARE Indian’ to gori soooo.. just gotta marry Sri Lumba Kala Sundar aur apply for citizenship na? Like Sonia Gandhi lol.. then I’ll qualify I guess.. πŸ˜‰

desi sitting photo ek hit (OMG, as opposed to ‘desi squatting by roadside in fake nature’ photo? ‘Desi test driving yeh Beemer’ photo? (or better yet:) ‘Desi standing next to Beemer in used car lot pretending it’s his’ photo? Gori has oft contemplated making ek dartboord (covering entire wall in her house) of these CL se, na? How did u know?) πŸ˜›

desi tv actress camera under skirt peek ek hit (OMFGdess ROFLMAO.. can u say KLPD? I think u can! lols..)

desis with goris do hits (a personal fave along with the gay boyz one.. Sri LKS kaha hai? yaha hai.. sigh)

desi wordpress.com ek hit (good to know u can find me here.. so MANY desis on Word Press na?)

desi yummy ek hit (coziness πŸ™‚ gori is pleased)

devi brown ek hit (the mock-Blaxploitation voice-over on yeh filim kept going thru gori’s head for days afterwards.. ‘Devi BROWN.. she kills sub gunday in a single blow.. Devi BROWN… while wearing 5″ heels & an entire shipping pallet of make-up.. Devi BROWN..’ etc..)

dost leaving apart ek hit (hard to imagine there will be any more hits either.. um.. what kind of drugs this evening na? or major FOB otherwise…)

did gori do hits (leaves gori hanging.. did gori kya? what did I do now lol? πŸ˜› gori notices many of these get 2 hits on the same day.. maybe just peeps backing up by accident lekin I’ll claim the hits.. maybe desis doing a double-take on the blog? umm…)

Do goris marry desi guys? ek hit (an all-time fave.. that is my aim na? as quickly as possible bhi πŸ™‚ who are you? can’t wait to get the ‘Are u Sri LKS’ questionaire together to find out… lol)

free dating love site with craigslist.se ek hit (this just reeks of desperation na? sorry, wrong site, er blog! Except wait.. did they mean .se as in Sweden? or what country is that? maybe just got gori by mistake.. I hope so at least!)

filims do hits at least this is the right place na? πŸ™‚ there’s more if u look at the playlists on the left sidebar on that page bhi..

garam teen hits, plus a bunch before gori started keeping track (just plain ‘garam’ = general term na? wonder what else u get if you put this in.. no pun intended ;))

garam bahin ek hit (hopefully u mean ‘bahin’ in the sense that gori metlab ‘bhai’ na? otherwise this is getting sort of too kinky 4 gori, sorry yaar!) πŸ˜›

garam chut ki photo char hits .. um yaar? Family blog yaha hai na? πŸ˜› So this is the best gori can do for now (scroll down yeh page to see slideshows, or look for link to slideshow pages after I have time to edit yeh link page, kuch bhi)

garam desi kahani ek hit seems to be related to garam kahani below lol…

garam hindustani ladkiyan pics ek hit (phir bhi dil hai Hindustani… hum logo ko… lol..)

garam kahani do hits sigh… how mahy of gori’s KWs are p0rn seekers na? lols…

garam ladki a bunch of hits (yeh ladki likes to think this refers to her lmao.. someone uses this almost every day to find gori’s blog) πŸ˜€

GARAM LADKI teen hits on same day (whoa calm down! I’m right here na?) lols..

garma ladki do hits u peeps were never sticklers for spelling, na?

garam ladki photos ek hit (shukriya πŸ™‚ related to entries both above & below.. much better than desi fat mal na? that’s gori rapchick mal to you.. tu sala! lols..)

garam ladkiyan do hits WTHeck? Last time gori checked, she was singular (although in the 3rd person) na? πŸ˜›

garam lund ek hit (do u have one? or just looking for photos of one? maybe u should use yeh ‘desi gay boyz’ tag instead na?) πŸ˜‰

garam mals ek hit again, gori plural nahin lol..

garam photos panch hits sweet ‘n’ simple… like Naan ‘n’ Curry na? πŸ˜›

garam sala ek hit (some ‘on the DL’-esque desi looking at ghetto-style rapper desi yaar pumped up wife-beater tee mein photos comes to mind.. <– that’s for the ABCD’s ghur mein (‘in da house’ na?).. I don’t think u pardesi can follow that much slang at once, na?)

gay bolllywood sf ek hit yey fellow queer peeps! πŸ™‚ Try here na?

gori 4 hits that’s me na?! πŸ˜€

Gori Aur Kali ek hit (hoping for some suheli on suheli action na? well, gori doesn’t know any willing kalis.. or I might be induced to put it up on the photos page) πŸ˜›

gori hoax ek hit Yey M1M is such a bahut dhukh, pathetic & miserable f*cktard, na? Aao to cafe downtown San Francisco mein any Friday afternoon.. gori + choochiyan are bahut such (real) tik hai? I promise! lol πŸ˜›

‘goriji’ aur ‘Goriji’ 5 hits (cool yaarji(s) πŸ˜‰ yey.. someone was putting this each day for awhile bhi.. we know ur all just hoping you will see urselves on yeh garam desi sightings page na? πŸ™‚

gori ladki panch hits (yey! πŸ™‚ Hope this really IS one for gori πŸ˜‰ mein tumse pyar etc..!) πŸ˜€

gori lover ek hit (aww.. u wanna by mehri sanam? gori would like that) πŸ˜‰

gori photo(s) 14 hits, that’s just counting yeh month of Aug 2008… ha, mujhe bahut garam na? πŸ˜› tee hee…

gori photographs 1 hit or more.. try here yaar! Khushi hath ka juggernaut! πŸ˜›

gori spelling ek hit (uh that’s Tori na? T O R I..)

GORI STORYLINE ek hit (OMG lmao.. well shukriya! glad ur following it.. uh..) πŸ˜›

half gori sikhs ek hit this seems to be the latest rumor perpetrated by yeh M1M Craigslist par, aur other places.. that gori is actually ek Sikh.. sorry yaar.. as I said previously: gori has ek Macedonian dada.. well actually, nana.. who was quite possibly part Romani or yeh other cheez like Serb/Turk etc.. (bahut peeps invaded Macedoniki peeps over time).. gori’s face looks like her dada, lekin he had North Indian or Arab hair/eyes/skin color etc.. tik hai? This is already explained in an early gori revver vid. I will tell u which one as soon as I get my audio driver back from the grips of yeh M1M, who has erased it yet again ATM.. lol (atm = at the moment, for the clueless)

hindi sexies heroin do hits ugg it’s the ‘sexies’ cheez again, couples with the dreaded ‘tollywood heroin’ (see bottom of yeh page na?)… in any case, it’s HEROINE yaar! Heroin is a drug 😦

hindustani ladki ki photo do hits at the present moment (that’s ’til date’ to u peeps) Garam Arab Yaar involuntarily lives/works on Broadway in SF lmao… he was pointing out the ratio of goras vs desi yaar that frequent the strip clubs there.. gori had a chance to test this theory while listening to Bollywood rental Mini gaadi mein with GAY (garam arab yaar na?) πŸ˜› aur bhaiya the other nite near his work/the gori strippers.. whoa.. gori’s conclusion: ek) desi yaar are desperate.. do) desi yaar are second only to skanky goras in treating goris like mal.. therefore by inference: teen) large percentage of gori’s audience is looking for hath ka juggernaut material sirf.. = char) *sigh*

hindustani sexy ladki ek hit (u were looking for them… aur looked what billi dragged in na?)

hotindiangay ek hit gori’s had kam with a couple of these before.. shhh… don’t tell πŸ˜›

https://goriji.wordpress.com unknown # of hits glad to see inserting a link in 200+ vids paid off! lol! πŸ˜›

IfIlIm ek hit sO dOeS gOrI… lOlS…

indiangayboys ek hit um, ditto to the hotindiangay entry… they are garam, don’t get me wrong, if u sexy gaandus would just admit ur bisexual bhi, it would be much easier 4 gori….

iyan surya tamil film photos ek hit Surya bahut garam hai na? Metlab Angrezi mein: he’s so f’in fine isn’t he? Gori loves to sing silly phonetically pronounced Surya filim songs lol! πŸ™‚

Jai-ya Jai-ya Devi ek hit (um tik hai.. phir WTF? πŸ˜› Gori was writing about how sub peeps (desi aur some goron etc.. na?) were standing up during filim to Jaiya Hind! Jaiya Hind! Jai Jai Jai.. etc.. sung by yeh other poor goron outsider on this filim page.. lols.. Devi maybe because Devi Brown (rocking accha filim above) is mentioned same page? still WTF? lol)

jan filim ek hit it’s the weird desi penchant for abbreviations, sirf first do months of year? why not Mar, Api, Maa, Joo, Jul (‘jewel’), Augoo, See, Octo, Novee, Dec (‘des’)… or something equally stupid? lol

jyostish aur sex do hits gettin’ kinky there…

ladkiya ek hit (not the most original lekin, to quote gori’s Tamil villlager ex-BF (about anything & everything), ‘It’ll do.’)

love laters in Hindi do hits sometimes gori is unsure what is worse.. mehri Hinglish, or u peeps uh.. well, Hinglish-English bhi! πŸ˜› Perhaps ur referring to the length of time it’s taking gori to find Sri LKS na? *sigh*

Malayam filim ek hit yaar.. try Malayalam… gori can spell, if not pronounce it.. lols..

marry gori do hits please would you? jaldi karo!

masti videos char hits if u wanna see like 200+ of them & counting, go here: gori’s revver vids πŸ™‚

nasty desi kahani do hits whoo hoo! yeh another bahut dhukh desperate yaar seeking yeh p0rn na? ‘Sapna hai such na hai kahani hai!’ Oh whoops.. just lapsing into some bahut old Bollywood… ‘deko yeh pagali, bilkul na badali, yeh to vahi diwani hai… oh o ho… oh o ho…’

necked gori ek hit a gori-giraffe hybbrid? um… 1950’s term for kissing used entirely incorrectly? enter ur guess here πŸ˜‰

new telugu bfs ek hit (ugg.. related to the telugu ‘heroin’ etc.. ones below.. maybe yeh yaar is hoping to find gori has said on garam desi yaar sightings page that she saw ANOTHER telugu ji? or kya bhai saheb? maybe this is ek desi ladki looking for ek new telugu ji herself? so suspenseful na?)

only film projecter ek hit nice try on the spelling yaar… sirf ek? How we gonna have a filim fest na? :p

photo gori ek hit could use some work in the originality dep’t, but I’ll take it! lol

sapne aur jyotish do hits (k obviously this is the same confused person twice na? kya? understanding AND jyotish? Knowledge aur Vedic astrology? R u such a geek you put ‘AND’ ‘OR’ etc.. type qualifiers na? lol πŸ˜› Well gori is Western astrologer sirf na? Gori started out to learn Vaastu years ago lekin.. Feng Shui books were available widely sirf at time.. plus a few like $80, cryptically-written Vaastu Vidya ones extolling the virtues of getting up to worship @ 4am (gori usually goes to bed @ 3am = not possible, sorry jis) πŸ˜‰ then exercising (?!!??) @ 6am (!!??!) uh not.. (plus yoga is so cheesy/New Age na?) ..all in the proper areas of the cosmic admi yeh ghur mein na? kya??? Gori likes to throw a few red things plus a water fountain in the areas instead, aur go back to sleep πŸ™‚ Of course worshiping lingam aur tantra @ midnite bed area ghur mein bahut tik hai gori ko/ka/ki na? ..end of gori attempt to learn Vastu lmao)

sexy fijian ek hit (huh? where did gori write this? If I did, I forgot lekin.. agree entirely with the sentiment.. Fiji ladkay are bahut bahut garam.. mmm.. problem is (for example) ek Fijian yaar gori talked to via Craigslist said something like, ‘Uh, my parents speak Tamil I think.. does that mean they’re from the South of India?’ (which he actually capitalized correctly, gori recalls.. hint = ACBD.. ABCF metlab).. sigh.. gori’s old UPS driver is bahut accha Fiji yaar mmm… nuf said πŸ™‚

sexy masty ek hit (abi, since Hindi is being transliterated from Devanagari here na, gori should not really take exception to this.. metlab, Hindi mein, there basically is no standardized spellings anyhow na? Whether due to millenia of relatively high illiteracy rates, the somewhat recent ‘officialising’ <– (this is NOT ek word Amrikan English BTW jis!) of Hindi so there are many 2nd language speakers or ?? still.. gori cannot help but laugh. Like tons. Maybe we should all begin to spell it masty.. looks better anyhow)

sexy Photograph of Indian Herion thankfully, sirf ek hit (oh noes! Gori is going to scream.. see Tollywood etc.. search terms below.. BTW it’s not herion or even heroin (as in smack, na? metlab, is it derived from opium, u smoke/snort it too much aur ur now in the gutter na? didn’t think so).. it’s either ‘heroine’ (female) or the lesser yet more generally used ‘hero’ (male, sort of).. arrgg!!!!)

songs of atbar filim ek hit You Tube seems like a more logical place… just an idea…

sonia nizer ek hit someone is trying to put buri nizer on Sonia Gandhiji? or kya? lol..

Sri Lumba Kala Sundar ek hit (hmm.. gori almost thought this is her own Google search term bc it is spelled correctly lol.. still not sure where these terms originate from still..)

Tollywood bf a lot of hits (OMG seriously lmao.. please give gori a break na? along with the ‘heroin’ one.. seems to be entered by same person na? ugg.. do you.. u know.. hath ka juggernaut to the same pics every day yaar, or kya? lmao.. gori is reminded of various unsavory desi exs.. which are exs for ek reason lol..)

tollywood heroin picture no please die! (Lol. Gori talks about this here (click link). Metlab.. heroin addict? Or u can’t figure out how to make word heroine masculine? or u really mean heroinE, which is a female star, nahin highly addictive nasty street drug na? lmao…

voyeurs gag sexies do hits WTF? gori shouildn’t have inadvertently coined the term ‘sexies’ na? Nuf said πŸ˜›

what does 10K aaj mean ek hit Now u see the secret.. u can send gori messages that circumvent yeh M1M ulloo hacker by using search terms & clicking through to her blog na? So glad u asked goraΒ  or other non-Hinglish comprehending peep! Metlab: gori needs $10,000 US (or more!) ASAP cause she’s broke, in order to bail her gaand out of a bahut bura financial situation! Or, u can just be ek angel investor for mehri naya SF desi club na? Sub crorepatis, feel free to aao to the cafe or donate!

K enter new terms with impunity & gori will try to dissect them here.. that is, if you can figure out where they are coming from in the 1st place na? πŸ™‚ Pyar, mehri jaans! πŸ˜‰ laters!

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