goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

naya gori comments page :P

Tik hai peeps… yeh naya comments page hai na? In other words, say whatever u like, all comments are moderated (since if u watch gori’s videos, u know that there are bahut goonday aur other ghudah following gori around, bothering her) 😦 so… Think before u say something not so nice- mein diyan hoon na? 😉 Seriously though, if u don’t see your (NON-sp@m sirf, those are automatically deleted) comment after about 72 hours, don’t be shy about re-submitting. Back in the day when gori started yeh blog, a fave pastime of the loser hacker psycho-ex was to steal gori comments n such… we’ll see what happens this time… let er rip! 🙂


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