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Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

Mini Cooper 2008S ki gori sapna donate page! :D

Too lazy to read? Just click on yeh Mini

Click yeh Mini abi!

Donate to goriji’s Mini Cooper fund! :D <–click here! yes on the photo! doi!

To donate $1 or more to gori’s Mini Cooper fund.

PSST: you DON’T need to have a PayPal account to do this- you can pay with your credit card direcly (look at the lower left of the page after you click na? It’s MUCH appreciated) 🙂

Gori is gonna make yeh yummy Valentine’s Day photos SIRF if she gets $100 or more in donations by Jan 31st!

So far, gori has received:

$22.50 in donations! Yey 😀 (shukriya jis!) 😉

(this number will be updated as donations come in! You’ve ONLY got until Jan 31st to raise the remainder if u wanna see more sexy masti photos na? SIRF 5 DAYS na? Jaldi karo jis!)

If u came here from CL, u know what I’m talking about- u wanna see more choochay, u gotta pay! lol 😛

BTW sorry I haven’t divided the pic below into the 3800 parts yet.. check back soon for this & yeh specs on gori’s dream car na? 😉

What gori wrote before is below:

Tik gori will tell yeh dhukh dhukh kahani of getting screwed out of no less than teen Mini Coopers by no less than teen bura diwana desi yaar.. well, do desis aur ek psycho Nepali gaadi dealer na? Lekin.. back to story..

Let’s keep this short.. Gori hella wants yeh tricked out 2008 Mini Cooper S. Can’t u just see urself driving around with gori in yeh auto na? (Don’t get me wrong, gori KNOWS how bad u all drive, u ain’t driving yeh cheez, lekin u’d still look garam gaadi gori ko (with uh? postposition issue again lols..) .. I digress… so hey, gori has yeh cozy dost (who calls gori ‘absaz’- u Arab boyz will know what that means lol) .. anyhow, despite this, yeh yaar will get gori her gaadi IF she can get mass $$ as downpayment ($5K sigh).. so guess what?

U like gori’s site na?

U like gori’s photos bahut na? (Not to mention haath.. aur l*nd… uh…)

U have IT position na?

= pay up na? ;D

Ha u are all bahut cheap, so gori is making it that u can donate $1 or more na? Cmon, u can spare $1 ha ji? Incentives 😀 will be added to this donate page after Xmas/New Yaar’s 😉 lol as time allows.. in the meantime, the rule is: donate at least $10, else u have to tell as many garam desis as the number under $10 u donate k? In other words, if you donate ek dollar, u email 9 dostay about gori’s site na? Donate at (8) dollars, do dostay boliye about blog sirf na? U get the idea…

So do it! Pay up 😀 Metlab.. isn’t gori nice & cute & well, sort of bitter & kutti lekin sexy & deserving? Yes she is! After all, it’s mehri birthday na? 😀

Click yeh Mini abi!

Donate to goriji’s Mini Cooper fund! :D

Click on yeh Mini to donate $1 or more to gori’s Mini Cooper fund via PayPal (hey they take credit cards na? or even bank transfers…) yey 😀

As yeh donations come in (this isn’t high tech, gori it doing this by hand unless she can find some program to do it, so allow up to a 72 hr lapse before ur donation (IF big enough na? lol) shows up..) anyhow, yeh photo below will be divided into 3800 parts.. ha u read that right.. metlab, every time gori receives JUST $10 or more in donations, 1/3800th of rang to Mini gets filled in 😀 Cool na? Check back for specs on the actual gaadi gori wants (sticker price around $38K sigh).. if ur crorepati, u can easily win dil ki gori by donating the entire amount na? 😀 yey.. barring this, I’ll have to nickel & dime u cheapo IT voyeurs na? Can we say: more exclusive gori photos for sirf desis who donate over a certain amount? I think u can na?!

Yeh photo (bigger) will be colored in in proportion to donations! Yey :D

Happy New Yaar! Be sure to donate at least $1 😀 to get in the queue for exclusive gori photos 1st thing in the New Year! Help gori get her gaadi abi! 😀

Donate to goriji’s Mini Cooper fund! :D

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