goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

Happy Vday Day jis! :)

tik admitted.. gori is bahut dhukh aaj.. mehri naya dost/sanam is going B2B 😉 aaj 😦 sigh… a few weeks of fun ending in sorrow na? ..so gori has renewed her determination to find her Sri Lumba Kala Sundar immediately na? Lekin meantime, here is ek garam (hopefully lol) slideshow (on gori’s photos page na? also at bottom of links on left bar below) as promised… if ur ek serious desi yaar (well, funny, sexy aur serious tik?) who can actually wrap ur mind around the concept of shaadi ki gori.. gori ka shaadi.. uh kuch bhi na? 😛 then do take this questionnaire:

Prospective Sri LKS quiz!

If u don’t give contact info at the end, then there’s no point in taking it to begin with tik? Also, not worth trying if ur bara uncle, married or gora (though gori’s thinking seriously about making another crorepati/sugar daddy quiz if she doesn’t get her Mini Cooper soon na?) lol 😛 phir.. sigh… 😐 gori is sick of having her heart broken so… hoping to find someone real, cool & lasting na? 😛 I realize I may be asking too much, phir gori deserves best sirf, accha? Off to cry in mehri chai a little longer.. then we’ll be back with more revver vids plus ‘making of gori’s Vday photos’ na? sigh.. why is life so disappointing hai na? 😦 *sigh* Seems to me that good peeps always finish last u know? Anyhow.. check out mehri pics & you’ll feel better at least na? 😀


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