goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

Mehri Xmas aur Happy New Yaar! :)

Xmas bahut busy time na? Gori right now is going to see how scary Ikea is today, 2 days before.. u guessed it- her BIRTHDAY na? 😀 U thought I was going to say something else, didn’t u? 😀

So without further ado..

please be sure to donate at least ek dollar to gori’s Mini Cooper 2008S fund.. & watch yeh Mini photo get colored in! Cool na? 😀

Donate to goriji’s Mini Cooper fund! :D

(click on yeh Mini to go to page.. gori’s Mini nahin lal however.. how boring na? yawn… gori’s is hella tricked out cozy Mini..)

Lekin hurry! Sirf 38000 desis needed to donate yeh dollar each to pay for entire Mini na? lmao 😛

On a more Xmasy theme, please to take gori questionnaire/dating gori quiz here:

yeh most important funny questionnaire ever made for Sri LKSes (or something like that na?- direct link)

gori paid good $$ for this na? besides, at the end u’ll get the code to get into this page:

Sexy gori Santa photos! yey 😀

U know u wanna see na? Sirf 2 days til Xmas! Jaldi karo! Chel chel chel chel! 😀

Meantime, although it’s been said.. bahut times, bahut ways… Merry Xmas! aur Happy New Yaar (for gori we hope! so take yeh quiz quick!) 😀

Off to Ikea! Be sure to wish gori ek Happy Bday on mehri acchi comments page!

Pyar mehri yaar! 🙂


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