goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

gori search terms n stuff..

Merry online retail Xmas! Uhh.. guess gori is getting a little ahead of herself.. well, yeh goron holidays are approaching, gori is working like kutta na? 😛 Nahin kutti, kutta lol.. same thing to u peeps tho (on more than one level) na? Anyhow.. be forgiving that the blog will be fairly kludged together until New Year’s tik? Meantime, to keep ya busy until yeh upcoming sexy Santa gori photos, or (finally, but sorry, not yet) new garam yaar sightings etc.. we have instead: yeh silly/stupid random gori search terms na? Written in haste, magar more wit hai than ek CL heckler will speak in a lifetime (is that saying much though?) lols..

K pyar yaars.. will be back in between online Christmas auctions & composing spam.. er.. ‘marketing’ emails furiously n’ stuff like that.. BTW shuk as the hits are now at 4250+ in sirf 6 wks na? 😀 Gori is pleased.. humorously, over 1000 of these are to photos page na? lmao.. will work on giving u all something worth looking at ASAP.. metlab, hopefully before Xmas lol.. tee hee.. sleep well mehri sexies 🙂


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