goriji ;)

Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

whee! Technoratee jis! :P

Ek, shukriya however this got here: gori has a Technorati page lol

Maybe this is because of filim fest reviews na? Gori is bahut clueless on how all this blog stuff works. Anyhow. I finished (more or less) the Third I filim reviews na? It has mass typos but still, have a look..

Further, gori has tons of garam desi yaar sightings notes.. no time yet to upload.

Also, stay tuned cause I’m gonna figure out yeh various ways to subscribe to me 😀 so I can eventually get away from the stalker ex on CL.. who not only impersonates various ppl (while gori’s CL posts are hacked, not actually flagged out of existence in a very mentally ill hacker-like pattern too long to explain this late at nite.. ) phir yeh psycho ex does indeed seem to have gotten gori’s comments bhi. I can see the ‘spam’ comment tally going up (lessee here, Mark @ WordPress CS tells gori there is nothing wrong, even though she has been able to see exactly 5 out of 30+ comments marked as ‘spam’ so far- nevermind she should have been able to see all of them).. going up by rate of a few per day abi na? etc.. this type of BS cheez has been going on for 2+ yrs na?

So sorry to everyone who is probably trying to communicate at this point & getting sent to spam, about the lack of ability to post comments. Of course feel free to try to post comments of whatever sort, the more I can’t see (but show up in the spam tally, presumably) the more gori can hopefully eventually convince WP ulloos to get up off lazy butts & try to investigate problem na? lol 😛

Because of this issue, gori is going to try to get do new things going that may facilitate 2-way convos with yeh sexy desi ladkay na? (gori started yeh stupid blog to get away from ulloo hacker stealing all her email CL se to begin with na? stupid me to think this would work ugg..) 😛 Lekin these do cheezay lmao are top secret for now.. stay tuned… 😀

PS if you didn’t see my new pics, be sure to check pic page. Pyars.. enjoy ur Thanksgiving weekend. Gori is giving thanks for the day when she will sail off into sunset with Srk LKS, to a land with sirf dead hacker ulloos.. aur bahut paisay, bahut khushiya (happiness? is there a word in Hindi lol?) aur bahut masti nishah (sp?) hai etc.. preferably in the form of ek gori + like che garam kala desis… u can visualize na? 😛

It’s late.. gori’s off to sleep, perchance Sri Lumba Kala Sundar sapna karna ko/ka/ki/kuch bhi lol 😉


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