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Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

Halloween, complete with ulloos :P

Gori found out recently that Lakshmi traditionally has a white ulloo, na? as a companion… interesting u don’t see it pictured much.. gori hypothesizes it may have to do with the connotation, na? Well gori managed to do a pretty darn good costume, then the ulloo showed up on his own. 😛 You can read his stupidity on the buri comments page lmao… lekin better yet check out gori’s garam photos na? Link to Lakshmi video is there– lol! 😀

Gori’s been busy working since Hallowe’en.. but has amassed a bunch of new Sri LKS-seeking notes, which should be posted soon. Hope to redesign the page so it’s easier to use. Be sure to keep an eye out for the gori Mini Cooper donation graphic, which (without help/input from my IT geek audience, na? seems the acchi comments are still not coming through?) 😦 is gonna be a thing & a half if gori gets it ‘up’ properly:P

Oh ek more thing yaaron.. bahut silly na? Gori is new to this blogging cheez, yet on the stats page it shows ‘search terms’ along with referrers, without explaining if yeh ‘search terms’ are Google se (gori is in there btw) :D, WordPress search se? Kuch nahin lekin… they are getting more & more humorous! Here are the ones I see from the last week, just wanted to share.. metlab, how are ppl even finding me this way? ‘long garam sala’? On the same day I’m hit by some nasty p0rn0 desi site that gori thinks was trying to steal her content? WTF? lolz! 😛

Mehri ‘search terms’ na? a) ‘long garam sala’? WTF? can someone please explain- is this some lund slang or ?? 😛 b) garam ladki, ladkiya- fine, I talked about that below, so someone clicked it lekin… c) ‘gori mehri’ (um, u wish na? lol!) d) ek personal fave ‘desis on craiglsit’ (note spelling- again, how does this lead to gori’s blog? with misspelling na?) e)’english filim’ (lol, must’ve been an accident to find gori this way… lmao @ ‘filim’ probably meant seriously)… f) nomination for best one this week: ‘DESI SEXIES’. OMFGdess lol that is someone who actually remembered gori’s slang na? Yey 😀 mehri sexies 😀 how cute 😀 lekin jis… then it degenerates into stuff like g) ‘desi bf’, h) ‘desi and gori’ and then i) ‘desi + sexy+ hits’?? again WTF?? Methinks yeh nasty ulloo buri comments page se was trying to find gori & others to spam or something 😦 Anyhow, I think it might just be easier to bookmark gori lmao 😛 aur… isn’t there ek way to subscribe na? Just checking! 🙂 bb with more garam desis sightings etc.. laters! 🙂


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