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Mehri Sri Lumba Kala Sundar kaha hai? lol :P

Any desi yaar wanna donate a trailer? Or (gasp) actual cash? :P

Hey ppl here’s a quick update: I haven’t gotten the free food page up yet (having problems making an html table fit in this teeny column, go figure) ;P but I’m working on it. On the far right you can see my countdowns (web access willing) to my current indiegogo projects.

NOTE: not ONE person has given poor little homeless me even $1 yet! WTF don’t u desi yaar coming in from craigslist have your IT jobs still? How about all u supposedly giving, socially conscious ppl from twitter? Cmon people!

Well anyhow if the Great Recession has left u super cash short (like me, like everybody).. then see column 3 (also to the right) for my wishlist! I managed to get a donated phone (whoot!) but have no money to get service (lol- but not really- try getting work, or a free trailer for that matter, from a stranger who can’t even speak to you directly & has no way to find you otherwise, my web access being highly intermittent & my email typically hacked). I know of a pre-pay company that gives unlimited phone, text, web for like $60- or even if someone has old phone cards that aren’t used up that would allow me to call within the US it would help enormously. I’m in downtown SF & can meet you if you have a donation 😉

Also on my wishlist is an (old, dead) trailer. Again I want to reiterate that many people have these, they are lying around rotting in your/your neighbors/relative’s backyard. I REALLY DONT CARE HOW BAD THE CONDITION IS! I’M LIVING WITH MY CATS IN CARDBOARD BOXES IN THE STREET IN GRAVE DANGER! EVEN AN EMPTY SHELL ON WHEELS (or not lol) IS A VAST IMPROVEMENT! Just to clarify lol.

BUT.. I’m also having two other issues, as this tincantourists vintage trailer site post of mine details: I need help towing the damn thing (again, not impossible to find a good Samaritan with a truck to move it for free within the Bay Area, but in a pinch when it has to be done within 24 hours? And with limited communication?) So if you have a vehicle of pick-up truck size or larger (apparently many SUVs can tow the smaller trailers) and are able to commit to picking up a trailer for me in a totally prompt, last-minute type of way.. I would be ETERNALLY grateful.

Second (bigger) trailer problem: I need to line up somewhere to park it BEFORE I actually get the trailer (unless you have a free one that can stay where it is for the time being). This is not so easy, hence this post outlining all the various & sundry ways I’m willing to ‘workcamp’ in relatively outlying areas if needed in order to ‘pay rent’ to leave the darn thing somewhere on private land. Ideally in SF Bay Area somewhere. PLEASE help me out in finding a location for it. The more informal/laid back the person with the land/work, the better since I’m juggling here: I need the land to get the trailer, the trailer to get the job, the job (or barter whatever) to get the land, it’s like rock paper scissors or something.

Easiest way to contact me (til I have a phone) is twitter @SoufiandMe 🙂 If you don’t use twitter, try to find a friend who does since that’s easier than me explaining the sign up process to people who prolly won’t use it. Sorry I don’t really do facebook (I will be trying again soon, promise!) becos it’s been hacked so many times. Facebook FYI is a hotbed of sextrafficking activity, along with craigslist. It’s nearly impossible for me to use either because the criminals I’m dealing with regard it as their (virtual) turf, just like they (totally erroneously, most are suburban losers) try to ‘claim’ SF as their own. So they hack me constantly in order to keep me from using those sites. In the case of (internally corrupt IMHO) craigslist in particular, they have made themselves one of my lawsuit candidates (but we’ll go into that later) 😉

So meantime u will also find on the list some pretty simple electronics stuff you might have lying around: a 12v charger (regular plug in wall variety) that fits an Asus machine (I’m assuming any generic 12v charger will work, feel free to enlighten me if not. Or perchance (ok I admit this is more difficult) a tablet (or small machine like the eeePC I have) in whatever semi-working condition, that’s small & I can carry with me. Also I’ve just added any old iPod plus a microphone. Both of mine died. An old ipod that will take a mic to record audio (the big HD old clunky ‘classic’ kind are great, except its’ expensive (ironically) to get the old mics for them, something recent enough it will take the current gen microphone is much better. Just in case you’ve got a semi-dead one you don’t mind me milking the end of its life from. Lol.

K that’s it just look over yonder –> for these wondrous things. With a little help ppl, I can be on my way to making humanrights film, sleeping, letting my poor poor bedraggled kitties get normal exercise & most of all have some privacy & the ability to distill the vast knowledge I’ve gained about these horrible criminals in such a way I can warn/enlighten the more vulnerable in our society about them. Something they definitely do.not.want & are therefore making it highly difficult for me to make any move. So that’s where you come in.

And just think, once I’ve actually gotten a couple of months rest (as in, sleeping like 12+ hrs every day) & gotten my health back somewhat, I should look quite a bit better (maybe like my old videos, unfortunately with a few added crowsfeet & some pretty serious sun damage, especially to my hands. But anyhow hopefully I’ll look decently sexy again, definitely I’ll be back watching film & doing Indian/South Asian & other international film reviews, and possibly even re-seeking that ideal desi yaar pati 😉 In other words, my sexy Indian husband 😉 Maybe he’s some 2nd gen divorcee or ??

Gotta say one thing: I LOVE Hinduism (for reasons too long to detail here- Om nama Shivaya) 😉 despite all the horrible things written into it by its followers (sati, forced marriage, caste system as nauseum) SO MUCH MORE than damn stupid Islam (after dealing extensively with Algerians practically identical to the Toulouse jihadi- here’s links to my current crowdfunding videos for my French Algerian doc film on basically the same subject and to my ‘Soufi & Me’ feature film about the ALgerians in San Francisco who tried to sextraffick me (heartless monsters). HOWEVER, despite all of this, Islam does have 1 great thing going for it: it allows divorce. Basically this is only for the male’s benefit but still.. you get the picture. Cos I’m getting pretty old waiting around for the Sri Lumba Kala Sundar. And being homeless, you can definitely tell (just click on those last two links & check out the videos!) K so have a heart? I need my wishlist (mosrt especially the trailer home & somewhere to park it). Help me out bhaiyan. Shukriya 😉 (translation from Hindi: Help me out bros- thanks 😉

Laters ppl! Find me on twitter @SoufiandMe or read the feed in the 2nd column. Much love & peace 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day.. Er, make that Leap Day ;) (PS this is really late!)

(So as you can tell by the subject matter, I’m posting this a tad bit later than I wrote it.. Hey I’m homeless & hacked like 90% of the small amount of time I can get online so… be forgiving na? Better yet: *donate*! TUSM)

Ok I’m NOT even going to go into the hypocritical sexually repressed nitemare of the Karnataka WOMEN & CHILDREN’S WTF minister w those other idiots watching PORN- BJP ppl watching porn is like Republican born-agains getting multiple abortions.. Er.. then again… the hypocritical ‘Pope’s choir boys sextrafficking den’ style saga is well.. NOT the actual subject of this blog, which doesn’t really actually have a subject. Needless to say conservo Hindus acting like the pathetic fundamentalist Muslims who tried to traffick me is fully sad. Nuf said.

So I was wading through the nitemare of a year’s worth of (scant, but surprisingly, present) stats for this blog while it had lie fallow for like 2 yrs. Sorry but WTF? (or more like: WMR?) Someone was repeatedly searching for ‘funny alpaca’ and better yet, Nehru vs. fast food 1950s hat 😛 in my old WMR surveys.. In other words, What’s More Retarded? 😉 I heart the now-deceased Michael Jackson vs. Sai Baba pair 😛 See, if you- yes YOU desi yaar (translation: Indian/South Asian dudes) who may or may not be part of the apparently very extensive network of pardesi goonday (rough translation: expat/now living in the US-South Asian thugs/criminals) who are a major reason I’m in this fix to begin with- if YOU decide to donate even a few bucks of your IT salary to helping ur gori outta this mess, you can be checking out funny stuff like those WMR surveys here again, instead of me looking like crap, whining about living in the street. (Try sleeping on cement in the cold for even just 1 night in wintery San Francisco in your (very dirty) clothes, *then* we’ll talk! Much less with a chronic illness, 2 cats and goonday chasing you all over!!)

And you know you wanna see me looking all garam/sexy (or at least an approximation of such) in some new videos, na? And all you film buffs wanna see me struggling to keep up with making film reviews for my usually busy schedule of SF film fests throughout the year (with focus as per usual on desi, Arab, queer, cool/progressive/environmental docs, other great international film)! While I’m giving my pitch, you also know you wanna at least think about donating enough cash to purchase a small ‘extra’ role in the Soufi and Me film (or at least tell other, less stingy co-workers about it 😉 (see perks on the right hand side). Of course, if you hang around this blog long enough, you can prolly just get to be an extra (what goonda doesn’t want to play one in a film, then disown it?) in the ‘Soufi & Me’ feature, though this film is never gonna happen without some generous person or people stepping up & helping me out of this bind.

As you may note below, once I mistakenly thought I’d overcome my eviction a couple of years back (we’ll cover this saga in pieces, since it’s more digestible that way- and plus, why give away the entire film plot? 😉 ) I began to announce I was plunging head first into a sort of crowd sourcing version of the film, with no real resources whatsoever. (Estimated budget for the ‘Soufi & Me’ feature is currently minimum $500K and more likely $1M- this is considered a ‘low budget’ feature film in the US- as I note, are SRK films like ‘My Name is Khan‘ when shot in SF at least.) BIG mistake as this set forth the mafia goondas (still hidden from my now wary eyes- yet in full view) in an evil plot that had my ex-landlord’s MS-13 (hint: scary murderous Latino gang) brother & his henchmen make certain I was summarily deposited on the street, despite having just paid over $12K in back rent. My bad, thinking my working class, Muni employee head of household (an UTTERLY corrupt SF city department, and we won’t even get into BART) run Latino immigrant family landlords with small kids who had been great to me would let the drama rest after a mere $12K- or maybe it was more like $14K in cash? Worse yet, former Mayor Gavin Newscum’s personal creepy crooked lawyers got into the mix in a super not-legal manner, along with what end up being some very crooked SF ’county’ sheriff’s deputies (in case you’re wondering on Mirakarimi getting destroyed by same while trying to take office- the mob running that dept apparently thinks he’s a little too legit & therefore are trying to rid themselves of his presence).

Of course you probably DON’T care, assuming you’re some apolitical IT geek desi yaar, but at least Indians can relate to the level of corruption I’m referring to here, something utterly hidden from view to the normal San Franciscan. I was completely clueless about these rakshas thuggees (evil thugs) despite having lived in San Francisco contiguously for over 20 years, and worse yet, despite them silently targeting myself/my multi-millionaire, mentally ill father & rest of immediate family for at least that long. But I digress..

So the point is, I‘m NOT talking about the film or anything else right now, at least not in the amount of detail, in terms of progress, I was earlier. Once I have some cash & am able to do something with it, I will however be giving updates on the indiegogo videos which serve as part of my ‘pitch’ for each round of crowd funding, which in my case only last a few weeks each. Again to be clear, I’ve currently got 3 pitches going simultaneously, none of which will make me any cash unless YOU humble reader get involved & send the links to your entire email list (shukriya bahut! =thanks much!) if you could be so inclined to do so as my online time is extremely limited (being homeless with kitties n all- I need enough cash to stay in cheap housing- like a motel or trailer in order to have access to electricity & wifi) so I am at present unable to let many people know what I’m doing- until you terminally gossipy desi ppl (and others, I’m not ignoring non-South Asians reading this! Feel free to help- lol) go around telling everyone ‘Yaar, look what happened to this poor gori’ etc 😉 And for once, I thank you all for your big mouths 😉

So again, my 3 crowd funding links are here (note that they change every few weeks, and each one has a different updated video of me looking like shit so gossip on!) Here’s links to the first few rounds (now finished) so you can see the video comparisons (in some, not all) of how I look now vs. before this crap happened to me. Sorry they are super-long redundant rants with horrible sound. I’m literally exposed to such constant noise 24/7 that I couldn’t find anywhere to edit them that I could hear, hence the mistakenly loud audio.

From now on newest rounds with newest videos will be over there à at top of the 3rd column, for your perusal. Hackers willing, it should be the latest set of links. Again, if you want to see vid of how horrible I look now by comparison to before, just click over yonder. I’m working on getting my old videos back up, the last site IMHO was bought by another goonda who apparently ripped off his contributors (I remember revver people talking about some type of class action lawsuit at the time) and let the thing go belly up, perhaps deliberately. It looked for awhile like you could still access them intermittently.. If so they would be here: goriji.revver.com

Last time I tried to make a page of my videos else wise, it was hacked for months while I was locked out. As we know, my (also mentally ill) desi ex-fiance Samir has had a huge hand in all of this. Turns out his family is also goonda, big surprise I know. If there ever ends up being a Sri Lumba Kala Sundar (ghetto gori way of saying: Mr Tall Dark Handsome) out there who IS legit and NOT a goonda (cos seriously, I have fed buddies, minute I figure out you’re full of shit I’ll go straight to them, so don’t bother if you’re involved in crime in ANY manner, ANYWHERE)- but anyhow you never know, maybe my dream kala is out there somewhere after all 😉

K that’s where I ended this er, rant, er blog entry, written quickly on BART whilst trying to nap among commuters early one morning. Hope you like it so far! Working on a proper separate page for the ‘How to Eat for Free in San Francisco’ chart (in last blog entry (for now) below). Namaste jis & please add me on twitter (currently used ID): @SoufiandMe. See you there!

nouveau homeless stalked goriji is back! er…



Here they are, PLEASE RT (on twitter) or send out LINKS TO CAMPAIGNS for me as much as possible! (It’s life/death people!! Yes I realize this makes no sense with my old blog-my current sitch is explained below- and in these links!) If you’re too lazy/cheap to DONATE (and get cool gifts aka ‘perks’), then at least sit there, mouth agape, at how hideous I now look thanks to being homeless with a chronic illness while being stalked by gang & mafia sex traffickers. Oh so sadly, I do NOT jest 😦 Ha ji, goonday SF mein hain bhi (yes sir, criminals are in SF too) Please add me @SoufiandMe on Twitter– thanks! 🙂


Soufi & Me humanrights feature film: http://is.gd/P1vbOC round 3

Des Gars Beurs Paris documentary film: http://tinyurl.com/7w6csfx round 2

How to Escape Mafia book: http://is.gd/NmN0Vs round 2

Soufi and Me general link + bio http://www.indiegogo.com/soufiandme?a=347525

HEY DESI YAAR (aka Indian/ South Asian guys) & other ppls! Did u miss ur gori over the last 2 uh 3 years? *sigh* Well guess what? (I’m going to say this in mostly English cos I want everyone 2b able to understand- blog will be boring ol’ Amrikan angrezi mostly for awhile sorry yaar) 😛

So anyhow- guess what? I almost got sex trafficked by Algerian criminals! Boo! Then I told them to f*k off (when I figured out what they were doing) resulting in every goonda (aka gang member on up to the bona fide Italian mafia) this side of the Rockies coming after me. LONG story but they swindled me out of my house, business, possessions & entire life!

And now I’m homeless, ill, penniless & being stalked. Plus I look like utter shit, as you can see when you click on my crowd funding video links above. IF this page becomes hacked (cos u know the (desi) hacker branch of the multi-ethnic San Francisco thug (ee) contingent (led by my mentally ill desi ex from like 5 yrs ago) will do their best to make this unviewable as usual)…

You can also find me @SoufiandMe on twitter or here on Indiegogo.com Or you can even try email: soufiandme@hushmail.com

So, you KNOW u wanna give like $1 (yes desi ppl are cheap but seriously PayPal-ing $1 won’t kill any of you tech geeks)..or at least sit there, hopefully utterly stunned as to my fate, assuming you used to watch my videos in the past. When I was garam gori, gunda gori nahin (hot white girl, not ugly white girl) bahut dhukh na? (How sad, right?)

AND if you’re too cheap to take just $1 (or much more!) 😉 out of your IT salary, despite the fact that evil desi ex BFs much like yourselves are quite responsible for my condition (just keep watching the new crowd funding videos as they appear & you’ll see what I mean), then make yourself feel less guilty (even though you are currently rationalizing you don’t) by RTing (that’s re-tweeting) my tweets on Twitter that link back to my Indie Gogo ‘pitches’ (aka when I beg for cash so I can get into cheap housing & sleep & take a shower & eat & escape the goonday- aka criminals). Kuhra & Lomri thank you (watch the vids carefully to see a glimpse, at least of Kuhra) 😉

The list of links above will change as I continue to re-list the same crowd funding campaigns (I’m trying to raise the money in small parts, by running back to back campaigns). Below is the 1st installment of my NEW blog, unfortunately talking about what’s most important to me now, aka: how/where to get free food, how to build a box house to sleep in a doorway, how sleep incognito in a vehicle in an urban area (aka SF), best free/cheap places to stay warm in winter, and other thug/Obama-induced Great Recession tips I’ve picked up along the way 😦 But first, we have:


(in case you have cast offs of anything resembling the following):

Tablet computer (do they make these with normal HD storage & which use regular Windows XP yet?) well, kuch bhi (=whatever), I’ll take what I can get! Ideal would be an Asus tablet (just cos they’re durable/touch screen) or even another ASUS eeePC (again, ideally the newer type with proper HD/memory etc but ‘beggars can’t be choosers‘). If possible with fresh software (aka wiped) without going online again after wiping. Becos of hacking issue, which is extreme- just trust me on this one. ANY SORT of tablet would rock. ANY other small/portable computer (remember I have to carry it with a million other things on my back all day & my cats & have a chronic illness) would be welcome!

(Vintage or modern) trailer: see my vintage trailer wanted classified ad here I’ll take a canned ham on down to ugly 70s fifth wheel- or anything newer- I’m not picky! We’re talking about the vehicle you go camping in.. ANY condition ANY trailer! RV is ok, trailer (no engine, the kind you typically tow with a truck) is better. ANY era, ANY size. Less repairs needed/cheaper re-reg in CA preferable BUT I’m NOT PICKY! I have NO money. Donation (or rent it to me for around 9mos or more) would be ideal. Otherwise cheap as possible sale price or I can make small payments to you.

I’m also interested in work camping (aka workamping -including in winter) anywhere in Bay Area (ideally near to public transportation as I have to get to SF occasionally). Or animal/land caretaking etc.. in trade for trailer (or cottage/cabin) housing. Or trade my part time labor for RV space in RV lot/resort etc.. especially if you happen to be in California Delta 😀 I’m willing to pay to tow a gift /free trailer from other parts of the US or Canada also! You know your uncle has that old trashed trailer just rotting away in his yard for years- and I’m just the gori to fix it up & live in it! Whoot! 😀

I do have 2 super sweet, VERY well traveled/indoor only kitties (a blue smoke Maine Coon & a small tortieshell who loves people). PLEASE consider helping us! I have a chronic illness & desperately need proper housing & rest! My kitties DESPERATELY need housing accommodations with me. Thank you so much 🙂

Kindle (or similar) I’m dyslexic, I have a vision problem (An aside: I need expensive medical treatment for this so I don’t lose my eyesight, not to mention I desperately need my usual meds for my immune system disorder, to the tune of like $500/mo, and I have urgent dental & many other postponed urgent health needs, just in case you want to #donate to my crowd funding so I can get my meds or my teeth cleaned that I could be losing otherwise due to advanced gum recession etc!)

Meantime, I need a reader with normal book-page type contrast, and where I can enlarge the font a great deal since I can’t read small font. Anything actually working I’m happy with. I dunno how these thingys work but I heard you can also scan a book in directly with some? That would be MOST helpful considering the esoteric type documents I need to research for my book (also for going back to college, hopefully in Paris this fall). Plus I’ve been carrying some heavy books around with me I’d love to scan in & lose the paper copy. Either way, if someone has a book scanner (either as part of a reader or not) this would also be great- I can only read large type at this point, thanks to my inability to pay for a CAT scan I’ve needed for like 5 yrs in order to diagnose my unknown, apparently degenerative vision problem (caused by my mentally ill, goonda hacker Indian ex fiance deliberately inflicting a head injury on me- twice).

A recent model texting device/phone (or battery/back panel replacements for my old text/phone device- DONATE $40 on Indiegogo to me and I can fix problem myself). I need to be able to tweet (aka keep media presence on Twitter etc..) so any device with ability to use any SIM (like T-Mobile phones) would be great. I also need $$ for a phone/text/web plan ($50/mo with my recent provider- in case anyone wants to sponsor me on that). Cmon! You know you have an old phone you want to send me (or give to me in person, if you can get to downtown SF). I dunna care if it’s a smart phone or whatever, I’ve been using a phone that’s like 8yrs old LOL.

Ok now that we’ve gotten through all the important stuff above, I’m going to start this blog anew, talking about my life as a homeless, stalked, almost- mafia sex trafficking victim. Because of course my old videos(this page may not load-search goriji on Google or other posts in this blog) were part (ONLY part, mind you the tale is very long so we’ll dissect later) of the problem.

But FIRST, I’m going to remind you to PLEASE view my indie gogo links (they should be pinned above unless I’ve been hacked already).. PLEASE SHARE THEM. My LIFE literally depends on being able to raise money for these film & book projects (and hopefully returning to college overseas to study French and film). So I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please add me on twitter: @Soufiandme and PLEASE retweet the tweets I send out with links to the videos on Twitter, Facebook, to your friends etc- thanks! 😀

Finally, I have some AWESOME (and cheap: ask a psychic (me) any question for $5, for example) ‘perks’.. in other words, if you give any money you will get something in return! Cool na? If you aren’t willing to give just $1 (or more 😉 then PLEASE pledge to yourself that you’ll get AT LEAST ONE FRIEND to donate $1- tik hai? (ok?) So.. Although I could outline my Indie Gogo campaigns endlessly, I’m going to get right to the nuts/bolts of this 1st edition of gori’s homelessness tutorials, namely this edition‘s focus, which is:

Gori’s homelessness tutorial pt 1:
Where/when to find (good) free food
in San Francisco

I started to make this list during the approximately year I lived in a 1998 Toyota Sienna minivan with Kuhra (my blue smoke Maine Coon) and Lomri (my cute tiny ex-feral kitten tortieshell) kitties. Aka Koora (fog/mist) & Lomdi (fox) in Hindi 😉 A relative luxury compared to life on the street the last 6+months 😦 I’ll add to it as I can find/research some of the older information. Much of this can be found also at:(link coming soon!)

However, they don’t tell you in that list what food is actually decent or who you can rely on to show up/open their doors at the place/time promised, or better yet, who TF actually serves meat in their meals? Cos believe me, if you’re veg or vegan in SF, you’ve actually got it made (to some extent, in terms of quality meals at least) compared to us meat eaters.

So here goes. I give the approximate last date I checked to see if these services were available (that is, last time I ate at a free food location). Right now I’m homeless & can’t go to check the sources in more Westerly/outlying SF hoods, so if you get free food in SF (or elsewhere in Bay Area & want me to add it), please check in with a comment so I can keep this current-thanks! 😉

I’ll be adding to the list below, as time allows. I’ve started with some of my favorites, to get you happily munching along 😀

How to Eat for FREE in San Francisco
© 2012 goriji aka Violet Bramble

Please ASK ME DIRECTLY before reproducing- thanks! 😀

I appreciate DONATIONS of ANY amount to my crowd funding campaigns on indiegogo.com for my anti-sex trafficking films and book– help me (a female SF native) get off the street, out of imminent danger, get my (herbal/naturopathic) meds for my chronic illness, and tell my human rights story about almost being sex trafficked by SF criminals who left me in the gutter to die when I refused to do their bidding! $1 & up donations get free gifts! See my indiegogo page here for list of all crowd funding campaigns (links to active campaigns you can donate to are at the bottom of that page!) Or if you can’t donate, please send out my link(s)! Thanks & peace 😀


Ok 1st the bad news- it’s not easy to find food on either Sundays or Mondays, pretty much anywhere in SF I know of. Will list what little I can find. If you don’t have any other sources (see daily/weekly source list below- coming soon), then try to get some SF Food Bank food (typically given out at churches in SF- or food handed out from a cafe/restaurant as suggested below) towards the end of the week to last through the weekend, if nothing else. Also see my food ‘stamps’ section (coming soon).


One of the few yummy food sources I know of on Mondays is:

10:30am (approx) Golden Gate Park Pancake B’fast by unknown chruch-type group
Near ‘Janis Joplin Tree’, Hippie Hill, nr Panhandle GGPk entrance

Typically you get 2 freshly made (think: friendly guy crouching over Coleman grill) pancakes with butter, syrup & coffee (latter runs out quickly from the thermoses), while sitting/standing around GGP.

‘Hippie Hill’ is the area with the weekend drumming circle (where everyone buys their pot, & the dastardly SFPD do their damnedest to stop the dealing/smoking, even for those with a medical marijuana card). Meantime, the pancakes are tasty. When I’ve been there, not so many people were about, however I don’t remember them having enough for ‘seconds’ either. Still, if you’re sleeping/hanging out in the area, or in the Upper Haight, well worth it. Presuming they’re still at the same spot, you enter from the Panhandle/main JFK Road entrance, Hippie Hill is in large grass area visible to the left as you enter GGP, aim yourself towards the lovely 1880s Art Studio building (near the antique carrousel). Before actually reaching it, just to the right of this area is the famous tree, the ‘feeding’ is usually just NE of that, in a small grove of trees along the path that winds back towards the Haight St tunnel entrance you can access from Stanyan/Haight (see map- link coming soon!)

Last visit: approx March 2011
Reliability: unknown, word of mouth says moderate to high


Now the good news: Tuesday is a veritable bonanza of food, especially if you can get to Civic Center/UN Plaza (both Bart & Muni underground, as well as F line streetcars, and a bunch of Market St buses, go right there)

1-1:30pm ish: ‘FREE LUNCH!!’ Bethel AME Church van

Middle of UN Plaza, near large ‘up’ escalator from Muni/BART underground

This is great for omnivores (aka ‘meat-eaters‘) as it’s typically a medium-sized bag lunch with homemade meat item (like spaghetti/meatballs, meatloaf, etc..), a bun, sometimes a small (or half of) a sweet (like cinnamon roll or cookie), plastic fork, maybe one other item, and they tend to hand out small-size bottled water too J Easy to walk off with to somewhere more pleasant to eat (like lawn near City Hall), due to nice lunch bag packaging.

Pretty simple: van with church signage pulls up in middle of UN Plaza (roughly opposite cute Art Deco cafe building =‘UN cafe‘)- man starts yelling ‘Free LUNCH!!!!’ repeatedly in your ear while you stand in quickly forming line. Apparently they stop at other locations (like some unknown deest (aka destination) by the Main Library) nearby but have only found them here in past. If you know location of their other stops, please add as comment below.

Last visit: approx Sept 2011

Reliability: low last time I checked. They showed up approx 4 of 6 weeks, then I was unable to locate them 3 weeks in a row, despite hanging around area for hours/asking other homeless ppl etc. Too bad, it’s righteous lunch fare if you’re craving meat to have this yummy option. I’ve noticed their time can vary but I’ve general found them there during 1-2pm window

Anytime 4-7pm (if you‘re lucky, between 4:30-5:30pm): the French Nuns= Fraternite Notre Dame

Market St side of UN Plaza, close to elevator from Muni/BART underground & large flower sculpture on north side of Market St

Meals typically feature sausage with rice, sometimes with rolls, sweets, and/or fruit. There is a big bag of bread loaves (in plastic) sort of thrown on the ground, you have to kind of risk losing your place in line (if alone-like I typically am) to dive for a loaf before the aggressive louts take everything (unless its soon after the 1st of the month, when many homeless ppl have received welfare/food stamps & the line is much shorter). You can get bread other ways, trust me 😉 Also sometimes they have beverages, last time I got a nice bottle of cranberry juice, for instance.

To be honest, their food is short of being anything great or flavorful, I personally however think the sausages (which have ranged from really good fat chorizos to (literally) tiny canned Vienna sausage depending on the day/number of people served), are worth it. You might want to bring something to flavor the (typically) rice, or possibly lentils, with. Occasionally they have some type of veggie on the side, & last time, I was surprised to be served what amounted to about $20 worth of semi-stale real restaurant sushi (lumped on plate with my rice & sausage), including sake nigiri (raw tuna) and some yummy type of dragon roll. Another time they had pasta alfredo, but only enough for some of the line, others just got rice. Presumably someone’s catering leftovers et al.

I’ll spare you my story about their sex addict ‘helper’/referee with the ‘mohawk’ & prison tattoos (real Mohawks involve shaving your head, not making a Sonic the Hedgehog hairdo out of too much gel IMHO- a digression) who now seems happily to be elsewhere 😉 Needless to say, you tend to get a somewhat rough & tumble group of (mostly) men, with occasional (usually quickly mediated) fights, not always respectful of the wonderful French nuns who also run a soup kitchen nearby (I‘ve heard men in line calling the nuns the ‘B‘ word multiple times to their faces, one guy while stealing a huge tray of food that one of the nuns had to grab back from him while being insulted in such manner). The French nuns pull up (amusingly in full-length black nun habit) in a van & unpack a small awning near to the Market St side of the UN Plaza area.

Last visit:Jan 2012
Reliability:moderate to poor. It seems like their time frame varies widely, making it not so easy to locate them reliably, especially if you’re just there for the famous ‘Curry Without Worry’ (below- who are incredibly punctual generally by comparison). If you want to hang around a bunch of rowdy drunk homeless ppl for hours, (or conversely, plant yourself in the Main Library at a desk by a window & strain your head or use binoculars lol..) you could probably manage to find the lovely nuns. My thought is sometimes they just aren’t there, however. On lucky weeks they show up roughly when Curry Not Worry is feeding (below) on the other side of the plaza, so it’s easy to eat one meal while waiting in line for the other 😉 Apparently they ‘feed’ at other places/times (I’m guessing including at their soup kitchen). If you of know details reliably, leave them in comments below- thanks! J

5:30pm (give or take 30mins) Curry Without Worry J
Main Library/Asian Art Museum side of UN Plaza, next to the Simon Bolivar (large man on horseback) statue

Food is nearly always the same: Nepali (think: Indian) food= rice with lentils, veggie (I think vegan but ask them to be sure) curry, optional spicy chutney(? or something), sometimes also optional hot pepper slices, naan, and yummy sweets that have been divided into small pieces (the rhubarb-strawberry ‘what‘s it?’ dessert is particularly yum). Plus typically, extra (French, sliced) bread. On a week when my food stamps went belly up I was even able to score a couple of left-over sub sandwiches, wrapped in plastic, out of their bread basket (ymmv= your mileage may vary). DAMN GOOD veggie Nepali food, gets goris 4 star ‘best of free SF food’ award J

They also have tabla (drumming), and sometimes dancing, including the Nepali guy who founded it one time was dancing in a crazy lion mask in a robe with a Star of David (in SF gang colors) on it. Not sure how intentional on his part those costume details were lol 😛 Older Nepali guy proprietor will typically walk through entire (long) line & shake hands/say ‘Namaste’ to every peep in line. Gotta give props for that! Non-homeless ppl (including a few Indians/ South Asians) plus backpackers etc. tend to show up, especially in summer, along with the usual homeless crowd. LONG line but moves quickly, you can typically get back in line & get ‘seconds‘ (though in good/warmer weather or near end of month line will be longer). Nice people, well organized, friendly & punctual. If you can afford to, put a buck or two in their tip jar, it helps make more meals, which cost them $2 each!

Last visit: Jan 2012
Reliability:high! Worst I have seen is a couple of times they have been an hour (max) late. They are almost always there by 5:30pm.


I’m listing this SF Food Bank stop for starters on Wednesdays, will add more as I’m able

10am-12noon (?) Mary Elizabeth Inn (SF Food Bank groceries)


1040 Bush St bet Jones/Leavenworth, Nob Hill area

SF Food Bank groceries are similar in different locations. Check here: for a list of locations/times to get some. It definitely PAYS to line up early, especially here, where the less than honest/motivated SRO employees hand out as much as possible to those in the beginning of the line, I suppose in an effort to finish the whole affair as quickly as possible with the least effort. Typically there are canned goods (refried, green, garbanzo beans etc are edible without cooking- just buy/beg a cheap can opener), also veggies, some of which (depending on how adventurous you are) can be eaten raw (ie potatoes, carrots, yams), often there are boxes of oranges and the like (if you pick out the squishy/moldy ones), French bread or maybe loaves of sliced, but the small generic bags of rice & oatmeal will only really work if you have a propane stove of some sort (as many car/van campers & some homeless in Golden Gate Park) do. A veteran homeless friend told me it’s possible to take the oatmeal to a 7-11 store & use hot water to make it palatable in a cup. I dunno, I hate oatmeal 😛

Also here you most likely will find the ever present Capri Sun (aka Crappy Sun) pouches you haven’t seen since middle school. Apparently Food Bank has enough of these to hand out to everyone in SF for years after the climate destruction-eventuated apocalypse. Good for them 😛

At this location, the Chinese ladies ‘get free food/re-sell on 6th St’ racket is kept to a decent minimum (unlike Food Bank church, see below- coming soon!). In the past this gorgeous old building was a women’s hotel run by a (granted, conservative) church. Unfortunately the legacy of Willie Brown/ Newscum graft/corruption SRO schemes swallowed up this gem, with the inevitable crooked city ‘contractors’ diminishing much of its historical beauty in the process. The result is a ghetto SRO run by corrupt black social workers, as is typical for this genre. So much for the Victorian beauty of yesteryear. How #fail.

Last visit:approx May 2011
Reliability:unknown but presumably high, since all they have to do is walk downstairs (food is given out in basement dining hall area-side entrance on sidewalk) & open the doors

(coming soon!)

(coming soon!)

(more coming soon!)
5:30pm (give or take 30mins) Pizza & hot chocolate by church group
Golden Gate Park entrance at Stanyan/Haight
(near Mc Donalds/Whole Foods end of Upper Haight St)

Presuming they are still doing this ‘feeding‘ on Saturdays, a church group of unknown/forgotten name, replete with Asian preacher who gives a short sermon in the BG about some select parable from the Bible, hands out mass quantities of pizza (usually choice of plain cheese or pepperoni, cheapo/generic variety) 2 pieces per person, but (when I was going there at least) you could get 2 more pieces as ‘seconds‘, and hot chocolate. Been awhile since I’ve been at this one, but I think I remember there being a pastry or dessert as well. Additionally, they often (not always however) give out something while you wait in line, like a tiny 6-pack of Little Debbie donuts or those smushy pre-packaged fudge brownies or something. One week some weird Arab woman was giving everyone kits from airlines: toothpaste, toothbrush, airline socks, mesh bag et al. Believe me, this type of thing comes WAY in handy, more than you know in these circumstances, and was much appreciated J

The (presumably, ordained minister) guy giving sermons isn’t as awful as it sounds (hey I’m a pagan/witch & I’ve even listened for a few mins, out of respect for the ability to get free pizza 😉 The line consists of some pretty hard-core down & out people/ drug addicts literally shooting up in line etc, and when I stopped going to this (aka when I was forced to sell my minivan (think: goonday chasing me all over, esp those ka gaadis wearing kala) in SF & live on the street), the line was getting longer & longer & longer, as word got out. It’s at the more recent, yuppie ’archway’ entrance thingy built at the edge of the park, above the pond/tunnel leading towards Hippie Hill from Haight St. If anyone has visited recently & knows the status of this ‘feeding’, please leave a comment below! J


6:30-7:30am b’fast Mon-Sat
12-2pm lunch Tue-Sat
brunch Sun 9-10:30am
St Martin de Porres (mostly) vegan food J

225 Potrero/16th- behind the wooden gate

Gotta give props to this place- serving yummy (mostly) vegan breakfast/lunch fare 7 days- I usually attended at lunch, I got the feeling breakfast is somewhat lunch-like, but feel free to correct me. I was often ’late’ (in that the line had gone inside/people already eating), and ate soup that needed salt (& is actually available on the tables), good salad and all the sliced bread you can take with you (I think the limit is like 10 or 20 pieces). This is where you want to bring in a clean plastic bag (from your last loaf of bread etc..) & go for it on the bread, then buy some peanut butter/jelly with food stamps, if you’re desperate for a few days. Apparently there are a few other components to the lunch (I remember a bag of salted plantains -random!) & some other forgotten item one time I showed early enough to require a ’number’ from the gatekeeper. In any case, they apparently have meat soup 1-2 days a week, I think like Wed/Thurs. Turkey soup was yummy. If I remember correctly you can still get a vegan option those days (as long as it lasts). Had conversation with an (older gay male-unknown name-friendly/professional acting) volunteer about higher quality of ingredients they use than other local soup kitchens- this is good stuff! Bring a little seasoning & you’re all set J

If you get there early, you’ll be handed a number. People are called into the kitchen (at the back of the courtyard- look for the 70‘s style wooden gate serving as a front door to enter the premises) in batches of 10 by number. There’s communal tables to eat at, and some nice seating spots in the courtyard (plus more generic tables under an awning). You’re apparently allowed to nap in the courtyard, there are homeless ppl with carts and such doing so. There’s a bathroom with showers (I was unaware there was a women’s bathroom, much less showers, til I saw it listed on a homeless resource site-like most things homeless, men dominate vastly by population percentage as most women can’t/won’t/don’t live on the street). In any case there are appointed hours (I think on Weds?) you can take a shower.

There’s an old, out-of-tune piano in the kitchen/indoor eating area that some old dude was pounding out amazing ragtime on one day 😉 They give you dishware that should be bussed (tray at juncture between patio & covered area), so you have to stick around and eat, rather than being able to bolt immediately, in case that’s your preference. Unsure on whether they will fill your own plastic container if you bring one. A word to the wise: tho I like sitting outside near where people are sleeping (this advice goes double for Civic Center BTW) I have it on good report that ppl HAVE gotten lice etc.. by seating themselves somewhere a homeless peep with such has recently sat/reclined. Not a comment on this loc in particular, but be cautious in any SF location filled with homeless in any case. (See my upcoming: ‘How to Build a Box House’ for tips on avoiding human bugs) Also I’ve not been to Sunday brunch, I think breakfast (late) only once & it was almost like lunch. Please comment if you know more about those menus.

Random Scores

Closing time- various downtown SF/ financial dist Starbucks

Certainly it’s not the only café/chain that does this in SF, but it’s a good example of what’s available. I haven’t done it myself, but have been beneficiary of (sealed, yummy, 1-2 days max expired) Starbucks food on a number of occasions from the other homeless people I have nightly ‘camp’ with. Stuff I liked includes: yogurt/granola cups (2 parts separated/mix together- small insert in top for granola makes a good semi-durable, clean portable kitty/very small doggie water cup), fruit bowls (yum), these bento-box type thingys (ate 2 today)- different types but today’s was Asian style noodles with veggies, tofu, cucumbery garnish, kind of hard to bite into peanuts covered with sesame (I think), small wrapped square of dark chocolate. A couple of days ago I was recipient of multiple boxes with carrot & cuke strips, plain white meat chicken strips, decent small containers of hummus, pita bread, some sweet-ish bread that looked moldy but I was assured should look that way (tasted delish), each with cozy chocolate square again. You will prolly need more than one to count as a full meal, especially if you’re quite hungry or male 😉 This crap retails at $7 each. So be happy/respectful to get it for free J

According to ma homeless ppls, you just stand outside (in this case, a particular Financial Dist SF) Starbucks as they close (remember to observe some rules of homeless etiquette to insure best chance of actually receiving food- link coming soon!- I‘m being serious!) and wait around to potentially fight it out with others possibly much more drunk/high/crazy than you for whatever they come outside with. Problem is, you may be waiting from 2-90 mins for them to come out with the goods. If you’re lucky, no one else will be around & you’ll score much more than you can eat. Since there’s no refrigeration, remember to leave unwanted extras in containers, either on a bench where homeless are likely to see, or atop trash can (preferably composting (green) plastic dumpster if you can find one waiting at curb), as those who do (IMHO: risky) dumpster diving for food will thank you.

List of Starbucks locations in SF:Link coming soon!

I don’t know how many or which exactly Starbucks do this, but you may have a better chance in Financial Dist SF, becos they tend to have limited weekend hours in that hood =more time for food to go bad over weekend without being sold etc.. Try going into one & discretely say you are homeless- ask if they hand out food when they close. Then LEAVE and only show up OUTSIDE POLITELY (and ideally, sober) when they close the doors, assuming they answer something in the affirmative. This type of behavior gives you the best chance at eating well! 😉 You can always ask the barista (again, politely & discretely), if they know another loc that does hand outs, if they say no. Most ppl who work low level jobs can sympathize with the idea of going hungry- poor are much more generous with their scant extra resources than rich, has been my experience.

(Coming soon: much MORE free food in SF & a food ‘stamps’ (aka ATM card) primer!) J

PLEASE READ THIS: Remember that it’s EASY to get various types of food ‘poisoning’ from anything spoiled (depending on type of food/weather, 12-36 hours max (in San Francisco) except stuff like bread, PB&J, fruit, crackers, some types of juice & other non- or semi-perishables, like soft drinks). BE CAREFUL- it’s SO NOT worth it to be vomiting all night in the gutter in the cold because you got so hungry you ate something questionable- ask me how I know this L This goes QUADRUPLE if you have an immune system disorder, gastrointestinal problems, or related illnesses, as I do (have all three and more).

Remember, if you barf up all you ate, you’ll be both sick & more delirious with hunger later (as well as potentially too weak to seek out decent food- living like this means to live like an animal- or survivalist), so seriously, DON’T take the risk. Dairy & meat in particular can spoil FAST, though I’ve had luck (for instance) with eating yogurt from the night before which seemed to have simply semi-turned into cottage cheese (in this case the bacteria growing overnight is presumably of the beneficial variety). Dried meats like pepperoni on pizza tend to keep slightly longer than fresh, cooked cuts and the like. Also remember: you are sleeping outside (or in a cold vehicle or whatever)- it’s like being in the fridge (but only while you‘re outside/it‘s cold), except in rare hot weather (that is, in SF: ymmv). I try to pack any food so it’s out of sight (other lazier homeless will rob you blind of food in a heartbeat while you‘re sleeping if you‘re on the street) but as close to the cold outside of my nightly structure as possible (or in a draft). In an unheated van all night food kept really well- packing items together helps the cold radiate mutually among the food longer-be sure to keep out of sun during the day- even clothing on top to hold in cold/block heat helps.

You really don’t need to EVER eat food that’s gone into the trash in SF, there’s SO much free food it’s sort of disgusting considering how damn FAT everyone is, you just have to plan ahead a little & be willing/healthy enough to make the effort to travel to get it. If you are EVER tempted to dig into a trash can to eat, REMEMBER: those HUGE roaches that appeared with the human roaches from the East Coast during dot.com (& ‘created’ all of this homelessness in the first place by displacing the native population from what once was abundant rental housing- again ask me how I know this!- many are affiliated with the same scummy organized crime who tried to sex traffick me)- yep those HUGE kind run out of the sewer and PG&Evil grates at night (right next to where I’m forced to sleep) & up into the trash cans to eat! (Another reason to keep your own stash OFF the ground!) More on this later!

To be fair: conversely, I met this musician guy I saw eating out of the trash one nite- I ran over to share my food with him, warning him about the vagaries of bacteria of various types in the composting bin. He told me he has been doing this for years & never had any problems. Gross I know. I have poor health & a weak immune system so… again, ymmv. Still, getting sick from spoiled food is just plain gross so: you’ve been warned! Eat only sealed, fresh items (or meals freshly served) is my motto.


I appreciate DONATIONS of ANY amount to my crowd funding campaigns on indiegogo.com for my anti-sex trafficking films and book– help me (a female SF native) get off the street, out of imminent danger, get my (herbal/naturopathic) meds for my chronic illness, and tell my human rights story about almost being sex trafficked by SF criminals who left me in the gutter to die when I refused to do their bidding! $1 & up donations get free gifts! See my indiegogo page here for list of all crowd funding campaigns (links to active campaigns you can donate to are at the bottom of that page!) 😀 Or if you can’t donate, please send out my link(s)! Thanks & peace :)/p>

a belated Samhain post ;)

K tweeps here’s a (very late, gratuitous) Oct entry to the blog. I (for 1st time ever na?) stayed home, didn’t go out (what w/demise of Castro Halloween etc..) & instead did buri nizer er.. shap ..er kuch bhi against voh evil donwalas lol 😛 In actuality it took me til last nite (writing this mid-Nov, cheating on post date lol- it’s new moon in Scorpio 😉 to finish said evil diyan curse on the organized crime elements who r giving ur gori hell.. er, were, past tense, we now hope 😉

But I digress.. also there was a Fri the 13th (in Nov) a few days back-tho I’d planned on finishing up the shap/sahera/black magick thingy, ended up doing a bewitching pyar spell instead 😉 Yet to see the result but hopefully.. Anyhow the drama of evil crorepati bura diwana baap & me being evicted etc.. continues.. of course exacerbated by voh thug ulloos.. who in turn I’m making ek filim about lol 😛

Last nite I finally finished the spell began at Samhain aka Hallowe’en, a fortnight before. With any luck we’ll see bahut mushkilon happening to the criminals & gori finally being free of some old curses etc.. that petty jealous morons graced me with (not :P) ages ago.. lekin ur some IT geek reading this who ‘doesn’t believe’ in this stuff na? Just wait n see! 😉 U don’t have 2 believe it, I’m believing it for you 😀

Next up (aka proper November blog entry) is a list of character parts for the trailer to my upcoming film, ‘Soufi & Me’.. which if I didn’t already say, is about gori’s such-zindagi (get it? real life 😉 experience ka San Francisco thug don maderchodus 😛 Metlab: a suspense thriller feature film shot entirely in SF about the Arab mafia who are brazen sex traffickers, & with any luck (plus a little shap/sahera/bruja/hoodoo 😉 gonna be nailed by the Fed presently 😉 We hope..

At any rate, there’s gonna be tons of Arab (especially Maghreb aka Northern Africa originating, especially Algerian) male parts to cast, tons of goonday (aka gang member) walk on/no dialogue small roles that don’t require any acting experience, and a few small/interesting desi roles, including a Sri Lankan hacker/pimp & a Tamilian ex BF of mine lol.

Speaking of which, I talked briefly with Samrat Chakrabarti on Twitter (he’s promoting his latest film, Bombay Summer, which played at the Third I SF film festival a week or so back) -video reviews to come, still in need of re-homing my 350+ vlog vids after the semi-demise of revver.com.. I’m extremely hopeful he might agree to a small cameo in the film (btw there are two other desi male roles in the same scene, which is a humorous one 😉 Just FYI.. he’s the guy in Kissing Cousins (sorry if links don’t work, not under my control but try ‘goriji’ + film title in google), Loins of Punjab Presents and … Karma Calling and and.. I LOVE him.. he’s fabulous 😉

So get ur roles while their hot, n tell a dost na? Meantime u can see everything gori’s a doin at any point in time here –> that’s meri tweets na? Just join twitter & add me! Be sure to check out my lists, got a great desi list going (including ppl like Shahsi ‘sacred cow’ Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai (CNN-IBN) who did the SRK interview below, Karan Johar, Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Preity Zinta, AR Rahman, lotsa fun regular desi ppl, including some pretty active Pakistan tweeps, etc..) plus lists of films, Arab/Maghreb stuff, human rights & of course, my ‘stop sex trafficking’ feed na? 😉 Plus tons more! If u join twitter u can subscribe! Whoo! 😛

If u wanna be in the film, see the next blog entry (above this one on main page) for specs on the peeps needed for the trailer shoot, and keep checking here or my tweets where I’m gonna be listing parts (many) needed for the film. Many of which don’t require dialog/any acting experience etc.. which means it’s open to anyone meeting the physical descriptions needed & willing to work for free 😉 Please pass the word- especially please let any recent male immigrants from Algeria know (or people approximating such who speak French, Arabic & ideally, Darija- a local dialect which is hybrid of other two tongues) in order to try out for the lead parts- casting coming early Spring!

Meantime on the trailer, need to shoot ASAP in downtown SF.. don’t be shy-tweet me up if you wanna be in the film! 😉 pyar y’all! See u on twitter 😀 Remember: I’m @gorisf 😉

tweeps! :) sup?

K in case u haven’t noticed the column to the right lol –> I’m going crazy on twitter my peeps 🙂 In the time I’ve neglected yeh blog (since early July 2009), ur gori’s tweeted about 1700 or more tweets & counting na? 😉 lol if u wanna add me on Twitter, I’m @gorisf na? 😉

Basically I’m focusing on a few areas: desi cheez (of course, including Bolly & SRK filim stuff), the hypocrisy of fundamentalist Muslim (oops I almost starting putting hashtags lol) attitudes, aur tweets about my vids (revver.com, voh lame site now owned by some goonda who’s letting it fall apart literally+ not paying anyone boo)- they r gonna be re-loaded onto a functional site ASAP (all 350+ of them & counting na?)..

..plus I tweet bout meri *NAYA FILM* whoo 😉 Working title ‘Soufi & Me’ hai na? 😉 aka ‘Soufi et Moi’ lol ‘सूफी और मैं’ ‘الصوفي & لي’ etc lol! 🙂 So there *is* a 2-part vid about my casting needs 😉 for this no-budget narrative feature film (to get technical on u there for a minute)- aka u could be famous & not have to really have acting skills to do so but… haven’t posted the vid(s) yet as I’m in the middle of finding a new video hosting site for reasons listed above.

Also, didn’t forget about the (hopefully humorous) acchi desi cheez gori clothing & accessories line (srsly! 2 use twit-speak).. it’s just that.. yeppers, I’m about to get evicted from my ghur (cry!), rent hasn’t been paid since the last blog post, u can see that’s quite a long time. Plus I’m being stalked by such SF goonday na? (Real don peeps eek!)- which is what yeh filim is actually about, besides being a love story 😉

So if u pray 2 any goddesses or gods of any sort, say a prayer 4 gori aaj, tik hai? The donate 2 gori’s Mini Cooper fund link in the archive should still (hopefully lol) work, in case anyone wants 2 donate the extreme amounts of $$$ needed for me 2 stave off imminently becoming homeless 😦 *sigh* Or of course, you can donate towards the film, which ideally has a ‘low low budget’ of $500K (basically a budget to keep me housed while writing the script, feed the crew while filming & pay 2 rent a camera/print the film, with little left for anything else 😉 In any case, I’m doing the dang film, even if I’m living marg mein instead of ghur mein 😦 which is exactly what local thuggees would like to see happen 😦

Oh if I didn’t say, it’s about gori kam trafficking bhi na? So if u wanna be a funder (or just lend gori her back rent $$)- catch me on twitter peeps & I’ll be bahut khushi 2 take any donations lol-or just say ‘hi’! 🙂 Pyar jis & watch yeh space 4 more details on filim production & lol fundraising attempts!

BTW if ur bored (besides talking 2 me ‘live’ on twitter, u know u wanna, especially the more Tamilian-esque masti Sri Lumba Kala Sundars out there na?) u can check out my very own #Hashtag on twitter: #LHTE, which stands for ‘Learn Hindi Through English’ lmao. Because everyone knows that crappy Hindi book, my theory being that ‘Hinglish’ goes both ways: it’s not just some gora being unable to speak Hindi (or other Indian languages) but also desi peeps being unable 2 properly speak Angrezi na? So enjoy! All typos are directly copied from the book itself lmao!

Will bb soon jis, in the meantime, just read the next column & u got more details than I’m sure u ever wanted lol –> 😉

catchin up n’stuffs…

K gori’s cheating here since this is actually being written in July (mostly) about cheez June se na? 😉

Belated Khushi gay (uh bi!!!) Pride na? Here’s my rant about lack of Bi visibility to start things off…

gori's bi rant- khushi belated Pride 2009 peeps! 🙂

Been hacked for about 9 wks, unable 2 get online 95% of the time, turns out this has 2 do with goonday aka thuggees 😛 San Francisco mein, which have been harrassing gori ever since the demise of yeh M1M… augmented by garam Arab yaar & posse, got that?

😛 At any rate, u can now see mehri Twitter feed (add me! @gorisf & say ‘hi’ with a DM or something na? Only if ur not spam tik hai?)

Meantime, basically blogging about the entire SF International Film Fest (<–go there to see my reviews! yey!) plus the Frameline 33 Queer (tik hai, LGBT if you must) film fest (both from SF) got obliterated. As u can see from that link, it’s very very slow going trying to upload the 17+ film reviews from that fest, seeing as I’m hardly ever able to keep a connection going for even 24hrs…

But don’t be sad, u can see gori’s twitter feed, so far with daily updates, to the right –> (or just add @gorisf tik hai?) 😉

If u wanna see gori cry, check out this cool movie review from the Frameline Queer film fest:

gori's 'Edie & Thea' film review from Frameline 33 -SF Int'l Queer Film Fest 2009 😉

If u missed the end of the cafe lurks (reason: mafia peeps like usual), check this out (vid to the right, below)

gori cafe lurk 50+ ..SF thug edition 😦 muh... circa 4/09

Gotta jet before the thugs get my connection again! Be sure to keep an eye out 4 gori’s naya filim about garam Arab yaar, gori aur the sex trafficking scammers na? BTW status of gori’s naya desi lounge/club is currently unknown, depends largely on my dost’s willingness to take a risk of thugs trashing his nice new lounge/computer space, since both of us refuse to pay kickback $$$ to them (u thought this happened Mumbai mein sirf na?) 😦

Pyar mehri jaans 🙂 Be sure to watch my twitter feed to the right, I’m frequently in Union Square (theoretical film location) working on the script/watching thugs go by these days & would love some (non criminal sirf, please!) desi yaar company 🙂

PS if ur wondering on the SRK in San Francisco cheez, let’s just say nahin, I didn’t meet him, it’s a little too painful to talk about 😦 Meantime, here’s a fellow tweep’s blog about being an extra in one of the last shoots in the North Bay before SRK, Kajal & KJo left for Mumbai *sigh*…

Aur here’s a photo of SRK standing in the EXACT SAME SPOT gori can be found standing at every time she is returning to her house via disgusting filthy BART (just stood there today- actually there’s another photo I can’t find right now of him standing approx where the woman ki sari is to the left, that’s what I mean lol, plus he shot across the street from my old house @Mint Karaoke Bar, plus he shot @CCSF, which I can see from my current place arggggggggggg!!!! <–a digression lol)… at least mujhe samjhe abi that it’s possible that my long dreamt of Bolly-style script starring SRK as a bi male (directed by Karan Johar) taking place on Nob Hill IS a possibility… zindagi bahut strange hai na? Let’s see how my first film attempt goes, then maybe I’ll have a shot at the SRK script na? Cross fingers!

Pyar y’all.. watch the twitter column or add @gorisf to get updates on filims, gori’s whereabouts & the (now ever-present) Arab & other mafia peeps na? Laters! 😉

whoa… time flies na? :P

Tik jis it’s already the end of May (actually I’m cheating it’s early June lekin gori post-dated yeh post so I will have a May post na?)

Race riots have yet to start in ‘White Australia Forver’ (oh that’s Canada oops) 😦 phir bhi it should be coming any second now… just like ghetto Pakis UK mein na? Jao! Light them on fire n stuff! Just don’t mess with the historic architecture tik hai jis? 😉 Seriously, what a bunch of heinous ferengi na? Beat the crap out of them! Isn’t voh Punjabi Kuchbhi Singh yaar who got sliced in the stomach (one of many, poor thing!) 😦 bahut garam na? Wanna marry gori & come to US yaar? *sigh*

At least now gori’s rants about UK/Aus/Canada & other non-US gora colonies being hella racist won’t be as likely to meet with disaffected shrugs by gori’s apathetic desi dostana aaj.. small compensation I know…

So why we’re here.. yeppers, gori is being actually chased now by such goonday na? Incredible but true! Watch for a series of vids on voh suherchod, coming soon to mehri vlog! 😉

BTW (ha jis, gori’s cheating on the date here a little) lekin do u notice how Obama’s 6/4 Cairo speech sounds like some boring college professor’s history/economics/kuch bhi lecture? 😛 Worse yet, what about the fact that the audience would only applaud when Obama either a) totally brown-nosed Islamic culture or b) quoted the Qu’ran (with poor transliteration lol).. BTW Obama it’s ‘ISlam’, IZlam nahin na? Guess gori’s garam Arab yaar encounter has opened yeh akon hara to the hypocrisy/narcissicism of Muslims (not to mention the US military establishment) in any case .. Gori’s not caring so much right now, since this is undoubtedly the first time since the artificial creation of the ‘state’ (cough cough) of Israel that an Amrikan pres has actually uttered that sacred word: Palestine.. Palestinian nahin na? PalesTINE jis! Sadly, this is a massive start… Still lovin Obama in any case, if for no reason other than the khushi circumstance of looking at a brown yaar pres 😀 yey!